Who’s is Sir CRKS?

One major goal of mine this year is to shine more spotlight on local artists in the Houston area.

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The first of which is a DJ who caught my attention mid-last year; he goes by the name of Sir CRKS. CRKS incorporates a large variety of music in his mixes from trap, screw, to more chillwave stuff that people are drawn to these days. Anybody and everybody can spin music, but one thing that CRKS gets across better in comparison to a lot of his contemporaries is that he continuously introduces people to new music. One of the benefits of being in the “Social Media Age,” is the ability to have access to content all across the globe and find local artists you probably would have never known about otherwise.

For everyone that doesn’t know who you are introduce yourself?      

Well, my real name is Justin and I go by Sir CRKS(pronounced crooks), and Im just a kid from Houston, Texas. Im majoring in audio production, and Im just out here making good music.                                                           

Where does the name Sir CRKS come from?              

The name came from a nickname I got back when I was attending Howard University. I just was acting stupid as a freshmen in DC lol. So some of my friends started calling my me Crooks. Then, later on, when I started trying to DJ, I started just going by Crooks but I felt it was too bland then I added sirin front of it because people always used to say I look like Sir Michael Rocks, which I still don’t see to this day.

When did you find yourself falling in love with music?                                                                                                        

I fell in love with music at a very early age probably around like 6 or 7. My mom is from LA, so I grew up on old west coast music n Houston rap. Ive always had an ear for music but I didn’t start making or DJing until I was like 19.

How did you get into Dj’ing?  

It was just a hobby I picked up back when I was in college. I was friends with a couple of DJs my freshmen and sophomore year and I would help them set up n stuff like that. Thats when I really started wanting to get into it.

What do you feel your role is as a DJ? How do you feel that the art of DJing has changed with introduction of social media?            

My own role as a DJ, I feel, is to keep the vibes in the room jumping and alive. I always try to incorporate something new into my sets, when I DJ somewhere or even when I record at home. The art of DJing has definitely changed in a positive way to me with the introduction of social medias like Twitter & Instagram. You have more of an open audience when it comes to who listens to your music and I love it.                                            

Are you from Houston originally?                                                                                                                                              


How to would you describe the influence that Houston has had on your work?                                                              

I started off with chopping & screwing because of DJ Screw so I would have to say thats my biggest influence as a DJ. Ive branched off into other things musically but Ive always been chopping & screwing music since I started and I don’t plan on quitting

One thing I really enjoy about your mixes or tracks is that you cover a wide variety of genres?                                   

Haha yeah. thats one thing that I feel separates me from other DJs. I started going into different genres because I wanted to touch more audiences and because theyre really good and I enjoy listening to them. I like putting people on to new music and artists.

What are some goals you want to accomplish this year?                                                                                                        

One goal that I set every year is to make more mixes than i did the previous year. I think I clocked around 50 or so in 2015 so I’m trying to be that this year. Another is to do more shows in Houston and around the country because theyre are a bunch of other DJs i know that would love to have me in their city but Im always busy and broke lol.

I’ve seen you made many mixes or have collab with many individuals tell about your experiences.                          

All the collab mixes that Ive done in the past have all been with homies that Ive met over the years and have had conversations with them about music. Plus theyre all good at what they do. I get messages sometimes asking if they could collab, but I always decline because they just want to do a mix and get followers without actually putting effort into a mix                                                                                                                                                                       

Do you have many gigs for SXSW?                                                                                                                                            

I WISH! I need to reach out more to people about that too.

So when you’re not mixing what is Sir CRKS listening too?                                                                                              

Im always listening to whatever pops up on my Soundcloud feed. But if you want some names I can give you a few like Atu, AJ Tracey, Gundam, Pollari, Larry League, J. Robb, Metlycanon, and the list goes ooooonnnn.

Anything else you dabble in artistically?

I don’t know. I can dabble in video games artistically but I do. I’m a pro gamer nerd, so I’m really competitive when I’m not making any music.

Who are some of your DJ influences?

DJ Screw, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinderella, DJ Michael 5000 Watts, A-Trak, DJ Jubilee, DJ Qbert, and Roc Raida.

If you could do one thing to change the world what would be?                                                                                              

Free Healthcare                                                        

If you could create your own charity or host your own charity event what would it be?                                              

Either something for the citizens of Flint, Michigan or something for the #BlackLivesMatter movement                              

Sir CRKS’s original Soundcloud page was deleted not too long ago, so head to his new page and give it a listen.