The Houston stop on Doeman’s O.B.E. Tour presented by ScoreMore was the place to be March 3rd.

If you don’t know if you’ve ever been around Doeman’s fans, you haven’t. That’s all the concert-goers could talk about as they waited for him to take the stage, and Twitter was buzzing – is STILL buzzing – about the show. JohnyyP., King Judah and JamesCurtis opened as people were trickling into the venue. The audience was excited about the opening acts, and seemed to be familiar with them, and they definitely served their purpose as the crowd was getting visibly more hype for Doeman as DJ Trakksounds spun popular hip hop songs. The drinks were already flowing by 9pm, and each time Trakksounds mentioned Doeman’s name, it seemed as if the crowd’s excitement grew exponentially.

By the time Soul of Sherif took the stage, the audience was at its fullest and most hype. Sherif performed a dope set, per usual, including one of my personal favorites, “F*** Society.” The audience was lit and knew most of the words to the song, and as Sherif left the stage, there was a tangible restlessness in the air, so much so that some girls in the audience had to be broken up as they fought to get to the front of the stage.

Soul of Sherif’s set at the ScoreMore/Doeman show. Photo: Nick High.

Doeman finally took the stage and the crowd went NUTS for the “barrio god.” He didn’t even have to ask for crowd participation because everyone was already shouting the lyrics to songs from his latest project, “O.B.E. (Outer Body Experience),” jumping up and down and freaking all the way out every time he addressed them.

It was very cool to see him perform live. I’ve been a fan of his for a while for the same reasons I enjoy Soul of Sherif’s and JamesCurtis’s music: They’re talking about something. Doeman addresses the Latino population, a much-overlooked group when it comes to injustices and social issues. Sherif keeps it real when it comes to society today, and James is one of the smoothest, sincere rappers when talking to the wimmenz.

I left Warehouse Live super lit that night, and not because of the contact high I’m almost certain I caught standing in the back of the venue. Good job, ScoreMore. I’ll be back for more shows like this.

Doeman killed it at Warehouse Live earlier this month. Photo: Nick High.

Doeman killed it at Warehouse Live earlier this month. Photo: Nick High.