Soul of Sherif Drops One OF The Best Videos I’ve Seen In 2016 Thus Far.

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One of my favorite Houston artist, Soul of Sherif, drops the visuals to his amazing song “Tortured Soul.” As if the lyrics weren’t enough, the visuals are just as powerful. I had a chance to briefly talk to Sherif about the song & the video.

What emotions, memories, or feelings evokes the words you spit in this song?

A feeling of hopelessness, feeling empty and being confused. I lost two friends. One of my best friends, Qudus, and a good friend Kos. They died in a car accident together. During that time I was dealing with that, I was depressed and wasn’t making music, sitting in the house all day. I was in this state for weeks. My girl was causing me more stress and eventually left me during that process. Have you ever known someone else was in the wrong, but you blame yourself anyway? Then you go back to blaming them. The thoughts go back and forth. “Oh you, you, you should have know, I should…I dont know,” or, “Think about, I should have grown, no think about no you should have grown.”

What inspired the video?

The whole concept for the video was inspired by that feeling of loneliness people get sometimes. You can talk to others about your own problems but at the end of the day, you are the only one that has to deal with them. I explained this to the videographer, Seth Buadu, and he had the perfect location for the video, and we shot it.

What’s next for Sherif?

I have a few more visuals lined up, ready to release. That’s whats next!