“I Might Wear H&M For A Year Straight”

Who doesn’t love shopping? Better yet, who doesn’t love to shop and save coins at the same time?

Bargains and beauty go hand in hand when it comes to me.
My motto: If it’s cute and inexpensive, it’s coming home with mama. Well, those might not be the exact words, but I say something like that. Gals and guys, look in that closet and grab all of your clothes that you browse past saying, “Ugh. I have nothing to wear,” throw them in a bag, and get down to your nearest H&M. With spring quickly approaching, (if you live in a city with normal seasons), now is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and get the new trends popping in your life.

Even when setting a budget prior to shopping, its often easy to get a little carried away once all of the options are right in your face. Stop by H&M and receive 15% off of your total at the counter when you bring in a bag full of old clothes.

jeans, H&M

Originally, H&M teamed up with DoSomething.org to donate the ripped, bleached, and stained clothing to be recycled and used to make new clothing. Their goal was to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Although the campaign has been over for quite sometime, H&M decided to continue to take clothing donations to benefit their shoppers, and others as well. Some of their best fashion lines are all made up of old clothing brought in by recyclers. Any of the extra money collected from the clothing donations will go to social projects and research for more ways that old articles of clothing can be reused. Their purpose: To get rid of clothing waste altogether!


    The best part about the deal is you don’t have to grab a large industrial trash bag to still get your deal. The left over grocery store bags that you have thrown under that famous cabinet in your kitchen, just been sitting there collecting dust for the past days, months, years or whatever will work just fine. As a philanthropist by day & shopaholic in that very same day, learning of their efforts to “Rewear, Reuse, and Recycle” elevated my excitement through the roof. H&M, I’ll see you next payday!

clothes-recycling, H&M

Read more about H&M’s mission here!