We can all admit that every once in a while when gearing up for an awesome workout, we don’t necessarily take the correct precautions we need to make sure our bodies are protected from injuries. Are you drinking a sufficient amount of water per day, eating a nutritious meal and getting enough sleep? These specific things matter in order for you to get an effective workout, but something that really matters more than anything is your body’s ability to stretch correctly. Stretching and flexibility are key components to great physical activity. I wanted to compile a few great resources and programs for you, so that you wont be the next man down with a killer charlie horse. So, next time your workout partner wants to skip stretching, Hit ’em with that flex!


After careful research, I stumbled across two great sources for flexibility training tips. As you grow older, your joint’s health will digress. Participating in flexibility training can help combat aches in pains and protect joints from further damage.

Always consult a professional before participating in any physical activity program. Working with a personal trainer or physical therapist might help with your new goal. When looking into a new exercise program, remember to personalize the stretching or flexibility training to your specific sport or activity.

When stretching, ease into the stretch. Do not force into the stretch or partake in ballistic stretching. Ballistic stretching is the act of bouncing in and out of the stretch. It is as effective as progressively getting into position.

Try warming up before stretching, walking briskly or a slight jog. It might seem weird because stretching is considered a warm-up, but you need to warm your muscles up before getting into active flexibility. Try stretching your mind with yoga and palates as well, meditation is the key to success, just ask DJ Khaled.


Regular stretching is absolutely imperative if you want to take a step closer to a healthy life. Try to implement flexibility work with cardiovascular and strength training. Here are a few types of stretches for a flexibility training:

1. Dynamic stretching

2. Ballistic stretching

3. Static Active stretching

4. Static Passive stretching

5. Isometric stretching

6. PNF stretching

Get active and take your stretching and flexibility serious. Spread you new knowledge with friends and workout partners about the seriousness of stretching, and if they don’t agree, just hit ’em with that flex.