“This is sowing seeds…a lotus flower grows thru mud and shit to blossom!” 

Being raised in it….growing up studying the skills of martial arts under his Father, competing in tournaments as a kid to representing at the junior olympics he has worked his way to become a black belt instructor in the discipline of Shotokan. Using principals from martial arts, the wealth of knowledge from his personal experiences, and the power of charity, he is helping the emotionally crippled, life challenged and regular people like moi and you regain personal power. For those that have been thru some of life’s toughest obstacles and hardships that just need that helping hand getting back on track, the Star of Hope is vested in resources to help in many ways and now they offer  self defense/fitness training from Mo City’s own karate guy. HPD Officer Khalil Johns, ordained with the name karate guy,  by the random people who’ve seen him in a tussle (in the streets or training), knows what it takes to build the better you and a better community thru fighting!

Today it’s as clear as glass that we have replaced manual labor for daily living and instituted the routine of exercise to develop good physical health. Instead of choppin logs and building fences we turn on our bluetooth and do crossfit training. Not being naive to the times Khalil/MBody has developed an alternative to training both the body and mind that isn’t to slow and traditional for the 2020 mindset of todays society.k3

It is thru the charity that is in his spirit and thru the Star of Hope he offers free self-defense/fitness training to the people in SoH program. Providing to the people transitioning thru the Star of Hope program a tool to better their health both physically as well as psychologically. Achieving the benefits from challenging their endurance, their commitment and their fear of succeeding to make themselves better is the goal.

k1In each of his sessions, Khalil, creates an atmosphere open for participants to break out of their comfort zones by groups exercising together at a pace and supporting each other, its an invigorating scene. While the music gets you moving he is active demonstrating/instructing the group, its enthralling definitely captivating. Keeping technique sound and practicing good form he takes time to emphasize the importance of consistency and making positivity a priority.

k2Khalil offers these sessions at the Star of Hope (for free of course) every other Friday at 10 a.m. Also,  he is currently offering the same sessions to the public on Tuesdays 7 p.m. and Thursday 7:30 p.m. at the family dojo located 2435 G Texas Parkway Missouri City, Tx 77489, in the heart of Mo City, TX.

Khalil embodies the philosophy he teaches and shares thru the sessions:consistency, honesty and self respect. He is fulfilling philanthropy in his right using what he knows and does best, fighting. Using the Star of Hope and the family dojo, Khalil/MBody gives back to the people the sense of pride and high self value by preparing participants for the biggest fight of all, the fight for life!


Special thanks to Khalil and to Star of Hope and the SoH contact Josceleynn Anderson (janderson@sohmissio.org) for what you’ll are doing and making a difference. Keep motivating and encouraging others!

Khalil Johns (832)917-4455  @MBody_MartialFit

til next time…Peace!!!