For-profit and not-for-profit find common ‘grounds’ selling Primos Coffee Co. freshly-roasted beans and k-cups.

Charities, fundraisers, church groups, and the like commonly sell food products or other goods when they need to raise money for special projects and initiatives. Many times, it’s hard for those groups to sell goods quickly because the items are not in demand. Primos Coffee Co. has found a great solution to that problem: sell something everyone uses every day.

If you’re like me, you don’t like coffee…you need it. Capitalizing off of us caffeine addicts, Primos Coffee Co. offers school groups, 11 different missionaries, church groups, and many more nonprofit humanitarian organizations that would otherwise not be able to raise money by other means.

Primos Coffee Co. exhibits its freshly-roasted beans at a local medical missions conference.

Primos Coffee Co. exhibits its freshly roasted beans at a local medical missions conference.

A new company,recently opening October 1, 2015, Primos Coffee Co. started selling their coffee wholesale to missionaries in Nicaragua would then sell the coffee to raise money for their efforts. The idea to support other non-profits in the same way developed when people in the United States began to look for the coffee, saying they couldn’t find any as good anywhere in the country.

Primos Coffee Co. serves as a source of constant income for organizations because each bag or box of k-cups sold has a unique code that consumers can enter when they order more coffee, and each time that code is entered the organization receives profit – 51% of the purchase for missionaries, $5 per bag or box of k-cups for school groups.

Of course, running a roastery costs money, so Primos Coffee Co. sells coffee retail on their site and on Amazon. As an added bonus to coffee-consumers, the coffee is not only roasted locally, just east of Baytown in Cove, TX, it’s also 100% Kosher certified so everyone can enjoy a guilt-free cup of joe while giving back.

To find out how your group can raise money with Primos Coffee Co., email them at