Your favorite non-profit shares three reasons you should donate to support The Hive Society’s mission and vision.

As you may well know, The Hive Society is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that aims to promote philanthropy through music and the arts.  We use our platform to further that mission by helping to promote cultural, music, and philanthropic events throughout the city of Houston and nationally.  While we have only been around for a short time, we accomplished more than any of us could have dreamed.

We are hoping to do even more in the future but we do need some help.  If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not we are a worthy organization to donate to here are a few reasons that will, hopefully sway you in our favor:

1. The Hive Society helps bridge the gap between local culture, arts and philanthropy.

This is no secret, it’s our tagline.  We have put on many programs to highlight our goals through our #BeeCreative and #BeeHumane initiatives and hosted dozens of volunteer opportunities.

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2. 99% of donations goes to our mission.

The Hive has worked hard with a shoe string budget and have managed to make amazing things happen! From providing hundreds of thousands of meals through our projects with Houston Food Bank and Hashtag Lunchbag to hosting free art classes with Lillie B. Girls featuring Dre Price. We even partnered with OVO, Scoremore, and other concert producers to give volunteers the opportunity to score free concert tickets. We wouldn’t be able to do any of these things without our supporters. Almost every dollar donated to The Hive Society goes right back into the projects and programs we bring into our communities. However, we feed our volunteers every now and then, so there’s that 1%!

3. The Hive Society is a passion project.

All members of the Hive Society are in this organization voluntarily, our members are here because of our passion and commitment to our mission. No one in our organization receives compensation or a salary.   We are not “fat cat philanthropists” making millions off of people’s bleeding hearts. Every program, every cause, every project, all our hard work is driven by our desire to be a change in our communities, while making philanthropy cool.


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Canvas and Cupcakes Group Picture | Photo Credit: 9th Sage

The Hive Society was rebooted in 2014 and we have managed accomplish so many things, hosting events and programs that many of us would not have dreamed possible.  As we continue to bee a foundation of hope in our communities, even in the aftermath of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, we aim to increase our efforts and output and give even more back to the community in our work to promote philanthropy through the music and the arts.

Donate via Paypal to:

Donate via Paypal to:

This year, you can feel good knowing that your donation supported a local organization. The Hive Society’s  monetary donations will go to purchase supplies and aid local disaster recovery efforts, fund our flagship initatives, and keep everything operational so we can continue working in our communities!!

Donate via Paypal to, Every bit counts! You can e-mail our treasurer at the same e-mail to ask questions and request a tax-exempt receipt.