That girl looks familiar…

You’ve seen her provide background vocals as a Hadley Street Dream. You may have seen her in Solange’s iconic wedding photo, but this Woman Crush Wednesday is far more than a great friend. Coline Creuzot is a loving mother, wife and a stellar songstress. Since embarking on her solo career, Coline has collaborated with many Houston artists (Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Slim Thug, etc.). She has also opened up for major artists such as Drake, T.I., Keyshia Cole and T-Pain. As a Sony ATV songwriter, she has been praised for her style of writing music. Now, Creuzot is ready to take on her solo career with full force. In her latest release “Truth Is”, Creuzot proves the pen is mightier than sword. The lyrics focus on a woman who appeared to be scorned from her man’s infidelity. However, this woman is far from scorned. She lets her lover know. She’s got more guys lined up than he has girls. The track, produced by Happy Perez, is a powerful anthem that compliments the female millennial mindset.



Coline was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule for a quick chat. During our chat, she opened up about her connection with music and her career decisions.




Tobechi: So you’re a Frenchy’s heiress! Do you get free Frenchy’s?

Coline: You know… I went straight to Frenchy’s from the airport! I got a King’s Special with some peppers and some boudain. AND a strawberry soda!

T: Always have to get the boudain from Frenchy’s!

C: Absolutely!

T: So I listened to your song “Truth Is”. I love it! I feel like it’s a female anthem. What was your inspiration behind “Truth Is”?

C: “Truth Is” is one of those songs where I went into the studio and I just kind of free styled. Well… the truth is somebody made me mad! So I went in, and I really just free styled the song. I got to the hook, and I was like, “Hmm… I don’t know if I can say that.” The engineer was like, “You can say whatever you want. It’s your record.” I thought he was right, but after recording it, I didn’t play it for 2 months. I thought it was so harsh.

One day I played it for my team. They were like, “What is wrong with you? We need to put this out! This is great!” And there you have it.

I love to write songs for women. I love to write songs that empower women.

A lot of men feel some type of way about the song, but you know what? If you don’t like it, it’s not for you.


"You Tried It" by Coline Creuzot


T: What genre is the most challenging for you to write a song for?

C: You know what’s funny? The simplest songs are the most challenging for me to write.

T: Oh, you mean like the simple bubblegum-pop-type stuff?

Yes! And I love pop! I jam it all the time! But sometimes, the stuff that’s not really deep is hard for me to write, because I’m a deep thinker. So, I’ll get called in to write in these sessions. They just want something that’s fun, and I’m like… “Well wait a minute… well.. this should be said like this and” They’ll stop me like, “COLINE. You’re thinking too hard.”

But country is actually my favorite genre of music.

I love country music!

I feel like that’s where I originally learned how to write. Country music tells a story — always. It has a twist to it always. A lot of times you’ll be hearing the same words in the hook, but they mean something different overtime the hook plays. That’s why I really got into to country music and loved it.

I wondered how I could take some of it and put it in my writing as an r&b singer.

T: Who is your favorite country artist?

C: Ooooo… That’s tough. OK, I love Kenny Chesney. I love Dierks Bently. I love Tim McGraw… There’s so many! I love Rascal Flatts! The lead singer in Rascal Flatts is like… AMAZING.

T: How do you feel about the Houston art/music scene?

C: I love the Houston arts and music scene! I feel like there’s a lot of talent that comes out of Houston, and it’s really amazing. From the music to the actual visual arts, it’s great!

T: I notice a lot of artists in the Houston music scene move out to New York or LA to further their career. Would you say they do this because the Houston scene isn’t where it’s at?

C: Not necessarily. I think people moving away depends on what goals they are trying to accomplish. For me, I was traveling so much, and it didn’t make sense for me to be here anymore. Most of the big producers and big writers or people who are working on projects actively are out there. As an artist I had to go in and meet different people, and learn how to grow as a writer and an artist. Sometimes, you have to go away from home. That’s really with any profession.

Sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone in order to grow.

Houston’s always going to be home. I’m going to retire here someday!



T: Who is your favorite local act?

C: Hmmm… Past or present?

T: Take your pick.

C: I’m a fan of Paul Wall.


I’m a huge fan go Big Moe (RIP)… Big_Moe

LOVE Big Moe! I can recite all the words to all of his songs!

T: Oh my gosh! What’s your favorite Big Moe song?

C: There’s so many… “City of Syrup” is one of my favorites. “Mann!!” is one of my favorites. I like “Purple Stuff”, “Barre Baby”

T: “Barre Baby” is my favorite one!

C: Yeah, the melody is so good! It’s catchy!

T: If you could make your dream slab, how would it look?

C: It would be candy blue. I would have bang in the trunk, and I would have some elbows. I don’t know anything about cars, so I would let my dad or my brother pick out the car.

T: Other than Frenchy’s, what are your favorite local food spots?

C: Mai’s, BB’s, Carrabba’s and Ninfa’s

What philanthropy group are you passionate about?

C: I love kids. So any charity that has to do with children I love. My husband and I actually talked about doing an anti-bullying campaign at some point when he retires. Which I think is really important. The times have changed so much with social media, and it’s hard for kids. It’s not how it used to be, where you get bullied at school, you come home, and you’re straight. Kids get on their phones. They’re still seeing it and going through things. I think it’s really important to teach kids that for one, it’s not cool. To the kids out there who are going through it, it’s important to teach them to be strong and stand up for themselves.

Being different is OK, being smart is OK, being whoever you are is OK.

A lot of that does start at home, but sometimes kids need some reinforcement.


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