Tha Yellow R Kel Is A DJ You Should Keep Your Eyes & Ears On.

tha yellow r kel

There seems to be a plethora of young, creative, and talented DJs on the rise. One of my favorites has to be Tha Yellow R Kel. One of the main reasons is his “Rider Music” mix series.You can always tell when a DJ actually takes the time & puts forth the effort to really dig for music & expand their musical library, and Tha Yellow R Kel is one of those DJs. Every time he releases another part to the series, I instantly tune in. From hip-hop, to futuristic sounds, to grime, to trap, ect. The way he blends a series of genres to form one long journey through different sounds you can let play over and over is an art-form. This Brooklyn based DJ extraordinaire is someone we should all pay attention to.

Stream The Rider Music 4 Below: