Everyday we’ve eaten what America has fed us, whether it’d be good for the soul or just something to digest when we’ve grown so much on emptiness…. However, Brittney Major  inspires us to say grace anyway

Say Grace for America

There are many already with bowed heads

Knowing the hour

Apart of the devour

Yet, we say grace anyway

They eat though the taste is sour

Set the table with dead flowers

Antique silverware from a historical hour

Polished for the occasion

The finest china

The knives to dull to cut into the matters on the plates of today

What a spread!

Look what we’ve made!

Today we feast

We feed

from contaminated soil

We eat

All things bitter

That wither and turn color when exposed to air


I expected new food

Not the same rations

I expected something to nourish the heart of man

Rich with what this land truly holds

But I say grace anyway

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