Living in Houston, you know how hard it is to find a great venue space for a last minute loft party or art show . Well Splacer is here to make it is easier for you to host those NYE bashes in the privacy of “your” own venue. Splacer is a fairly new startup still fresh in their launching stages. Although only offered in NYC or Israel, the business will soon be launching in San Franciso. The dynamic and albeit genius company allows venue owners to put their space on the market to offer “one-of-a-kind venues for events.” What makes this company even more impressive is that the team of three founders are not only friends but are also experienced entrepeneurs, techies and architects with two of the owners being based in Israel arguably a beautiful city of historic architecture.


Similair to Airbnb, Splacer keeps the booking  or renting out of spaces to simple steps:

For event organizers
Splacers can browse listings and filter by size, location, type of activity, or keyword. Once users find a space they like, they can connect with the host to receive additional information. They can search Splacer’s Friend’s for event production services and equipment, if they wish. Finally, when they find a perfect match, they book the space online and have an unforgettable event!

For space owners
Space owners sign up with some basic information about the space, its location, and their contact info. After approval by the Splacer team, they add more information about the space, upload pictures, and select the types of events they welcome in their space. When an event organizer contacts a space owner, they will reply with further information about availability and prices. The space owner is responsible for making sure the space is use-ready before every event. Splacer will handle back end details to guarantee a safe and secure exchange all around. Splacer will also facilitate reviews following the event to make sure wonderful spaces and hosts get proper notice.”


Another unique quality that really adds buy-in for those wanting to use Splacer is that they have a magazine linked through their website where they feature a “Splace of the Week.” Their magazine also features events that were held at Splaces, Community, Culture, and Create section.  Splacer founders clearly have the needs of events down to  a science where they have categorized common events, number of guests and even the budget a potential renter has per hour. The idea is that why not make money off of your space when you’re not using it? Even if it is an apartment or office space.

“”It’s not only my apartment or your garden,” Lihi Gerstner, architect and Splacer co-founder, tells Tech Insider. “It could be your office, a gallery space, spaces between renovations,” (via BI).

Splacer has changed the game up and hopefully we will see the company branch out to the south by way of Houston in the coming year; the demand is definitely high for rental spaces in Houston and Austin.