February marks Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, additionally, the country is in the middle of arguably the most interesting presidential races to date, in which women’s rights and refugees are topics of discussion in all party platforms, and Houston theatre could not be more relevant. This month features new visions to old classics, twists on ancient mythology, politically charged conversations, pivotal Black playwrights and reflections on modern love in a digital world.

Be sure to catch me on stage in Obsidian Theatre’s The Trojan Women!

Here are just some of the theatres you’ll find The Hive Society this month!

2/12/16 – 2/27/16


“Inspired by the anti-Muslim sentiment in our country, Dialogues on Grace is a 75-minute Documentary Theater Play, with 5 actors/actresses, based on the transcripts of over 50 interviews with people of all faiths, politicians, artists and academics asking them questions on grace; what it means, what it looks like, could one have grace without subscribing to a religion, and an example of grace in their lives. The goal of the project is to celebrate our similarities, while recognizing and accepting our differences.”

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1/28/16 – 2/28/16

4a fences

“In this the powerful and dramatically compelling work that won August Wilson the 1987 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, Troy Maxson is a strong man, yet hardened by life in an America where to be proud and black was to face pressures that could crush a man, body and soul. But the 1950s are yielding to the new spirit of liberation in the 1960s. It’ a spirit that is changing the world Troy Maxson has learned to deal with the only way he can…a spirit that is making him stranger, angry, and afraid in a world he never knew and to a wife and son he understand less and less.”

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2/11/16 – 3/5/16

“​The enduring antiwar classic re-imagined and set in modern-day Africa. Starring 2014 Houston Press Best Actress for Obsidian’s production of Ruined, Qamara Black as Hecuba, Queen of Troy. The Trojan Women tells the gripping story of the women the day after Troy fall to the Greeks. With a beautiful modern translation this dramatic play is at once immersive and accessible.”

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2/13/16 – 3/5/16


“Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone’s not ready to talk. Someone hates irrational numbers. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from the traffic light. Someone’s never felt like this before. Playwright Caryl Churchill (Cloud Nine, Top Girls) has been pushing theatrical boundaries for over fifty years. Love and Information features 70 brief yet memorable scenes that make up a world where data inspires obsession and FaceTime conversations and selfies threaten to replace human contact. In this fast-moving kaleidoscope of scenes, more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know and how they love.”

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2/8/16 – 2/21/16


“Classical Theatre Company returns to the father of modern drama, Henrik Ibsen, for the first time since producing their critically-acclaimed production of Ghosts in 2010. This stirring drama was highly controversial when it was originally produced in 1879, as it brought to light the status that women held not only in Victorian Norway, but also teh Victorian West as a whole. The plight of women in their struggle for equality continues to this very day, some 130 years after Nora raised the hackleds of her Norwegian audiences with her enlightenment.”

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