Doeman’s newest album dropped February 1 and was well worth the wait.

“My brown skin is beautiful. The time is now; it’s critical,” is the last line from the first track, “O,” on O.B.E. (Outer Body Experience), Houston rapper Doeman’s second album. As if to give us at the content of the rest of the album, Doeman utters these lines such a conviction that it’s obvious the listener is in for some content that’s deeper than they’d normally find in average hip hop content.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting O.B.E., and I think they will be very pleased at what they hear. Doeman touches on several social issues like racial issues, economic status, and the mindset that comes with growing out of not-so-ideal circumstances to become a success. The album, as a whole, is refreshing to hear from a young rapper, as it’s not (all) about the women he’s pulling or the parties and money he’s making. The entire album is on Doeman’s SoundCloud, but here are some of my favorites:

  1. “O”

As a shorter track, and an intro of sorts, the lyrics to this track go surprisingly hard. When I was going to write a review, I was going to ask him for a quote on the meaning of the album’s title, but it’s pretty self-explanatory listening to this track. Doeman has some things to say in this album that transcend him as an artist and reach into the realm of social commentary of things he’s seen in his world.

  1. “U.F.W.”

Doeman is sick of your shit! I’m a sucker for some conscious rap, and Doe gave me life here. It’s great to hear the point-of-view of another one of our overlooked masses, the Mexican-Americans. With so much commentary on race relations and social issues focused on blacks and whites, people can forget the rapidly increasing Hispanic population. Doeman fixes this issue by dedicating a track to pinpoint problems in the community and suggest solutions.

  1. “Waddup Luv?”

Ohhhkaaayyy, Doe. I’m getting LL Cool J/Common/Roots finesse here. This track (which immediately went on my “Smooth Out” playlist) is dedicated to the object of his affection, of which he uses the sweetest words to describe. He shows his sensitive, adorable side in this track and I swoon for the whole track. (insert heart eyes emoji).

  1. “Soul of Mind” (featuring Soul of Sherif)

This track features Soul of Sherif, an artist that has also been featured on our site. I’m a little partial to this song because I love Soul of Sherif’s melodic flair juxtaposed with really anything, and up next to Doeman’s harder-hitting style, the two just mesh perfectly.

O.B.E. is definitely worth the wait and worth the listen, over and over and over again.

For now, we’re just waiting on a video or two. In the meantime, though, Doeman will be doing shoes in conjunction with Scoremore. Check the dates below for tickets in your city!