One of the best things about Houston while I was growing up were countless visits to the public library.

The life of a book-worm was inheritable through my family from generation to generation.

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I remember my grandmother spending her afternoons with me making sure that I used the services of the Houston Public Library as much as I could as a kid. Now that I’m older, I don’t hear much buzz about parents taking time out to really keep their children involved in libraries around the community. With the increase demand of technology and other self indulging innovations, library visits have definitely taken an obvious decline. Between work and class (that requires less library visits), I catch myself stepping foot in library buildings very seldom these days.

So, I pinned a resolution upon myself that could probably get me back heavily involved in the library setting again. Why not become a volunteer? It totally ties into my philanthropic lifestyle, so why not carry out my services where I am deciding to rekindle my relationship status. After very little research I came across the opportunity to get involved with the Houston Public Library.


There are many locations around the Houston area, so if you happen to find interest in sharing your volunteering services with the Houston Public Libraryy, all it takes is finding a library nearest you. How to get started is to visit the website, scroll to the How? section and follow the directions stated. The Houston Public Library requires that you submit an application through the Volunteer Initiative Program that is also included under the How? instructions.


There are opportunities to become mentors, research assistants, crafts assistants, after school zone mentors, docent, tech squads, interns, ESOL teachers,and shelving assistants, so it’s all about what is your niche. Volunteering is open to anyone over the age of 14, students, parents, retirees, you name it, Houston Public Library has it open for you! There is also schedule flexibility and if you can’t volunteer year round, try out the seasonal staff. Be a part of the Houston Public Library Volunteers, and shine a new light on the library community in 2016.


Create relationships in different areas of Houston rather it be a volunteer in a Library or even a mentor in a local community recreational facility. The Bees urge you to bee a gift in your community and give back as much as you can! 🙂