Ever wanted to see the value of your shoes in real time?

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can log onto charles schwab or Scott Trade and monitor your stock values at anytime.  The sneaker resale market is a billion dollar industry that has the potential to grow even more.  Campless displays the value of your sneaker collection from brands across the board.  The best thing for a revolving sneaker collector is to know what they run for years after you’ve spent your hard-earned money on them.

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Real Time Data

The sneaker culture is an acquired taste.  Many people don’t understand the rush and the determination to purchase shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks, months or even years.  The countless number of blogs and sites that cover shoe releases like the NBA playoffs are so necessary to a sneaker head.  Once you are able to grab these shoes, the next important thing is keeping them looking clean.  As value goes up, you start to think about your life without these same sneakers you were so into at one time.  It’s funny how a high price tag will quickly make you forget how much you enjoyed rocking your favorite sneaks.  Before sites like Campless it was a bit tough to really know what your collection went for.

campless, sneaker data, sneakerhead, nike, jordan, adidas, resale, ebay

Campless has developed their own algorithm to create a sneaker score based on a 0 to 100 scale.  The higher the number the greater the significance of the shoe.   The primary source is eBay which is the place where the majority of exchanges happen.  The data collected include price, number of pairs available and if the value is increasing or decreasing.  In addition to the basic stats, Campless also can point you towards which eBay sellers have the best prices or do prices vary by sizes.  For a lifelong sneakerhead it’s fun to look at your collection in real time and compare your score with people from all over.  No matter if you have a few or hundreds take a look at how your collection holds up.