Ian Eastwood is putting dance back on the map in a way no one expected.

If you’ve never seen or heard of Ian Eastwood, you’ve clearly been living under a rock. Not only have his choreography videos permeated YouTube since he was a child, he’s most recently featured in Justin Bieber’s dance video for “No Pressure” alongside Big Sean.

As a dancer, it’s a big deal when I see dance – street dance, especially – being recognized as a legitimate art form. The 22-year-old has done an incomprehensible job of making people give street dancers the credit they deserve for their craft. He’s made movement more than just choreography – it’s acting. Eastwood’s body moves in such a way that he brings the lyrics to the songs he dances to to life. If there were no words, a viewer would still be able to understand what the song was saying. He’s gained attention from artists like Tori Kelly, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Vic Mensa, and, as mentioned before, Justin Bieber, and many more.


Adultlessons (not coincidently pronounced like “adolescence”) is a project like we’ve never seen before – it’s a dance mixtape. Of course, you’re wondering what that is. Well, if you’ve ever been seriously interested in dance, you know that you can spend hours online watching choreography and finding new choreographers to follow. Ian Eastwood made it easy for us and compiled different pieces of choreography into one project with the collective theme of “growing up,” from his adolescence to now, narrating between each piece to show how it has all come together to make him the artist he is.

In its own way, Adultlessons also teaches a lesson to its viewers. Eastwood sums up his experiences with the most important theme of life: never forget where you came from. I loved the way he incorporated the most important people in his life – his parents, his close friends, and his girlfriend – as if to say they each had their own important roles in the lessons he’s learned.

Adultlessons is available on Datpiff to watch or download, but to make it easy for our readers, I’ve included one of the pieces (one of my personal favorites) right below this article. You definitely won’t be disappointed.