After great success in the sold-out January 2015 showing, The Citizen Environmental Coalition (CEC) is bringing one of North Americas largest Environmental film festival to the historic River Oaks Theater, the Wild & Scenic Film Festival .


On January 27 & 28 The Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be in Houston showcasing twenty-two short documentary styled films that address the environmental concerns and celebrations of planet Earth. These films cover a range of topics including conservation, activism, climate change, and local issues and efforts going on right here in the Houston area.

“The Houston festival is a collection of films from the 4-day festival held each year in Nevada City, CA, started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) in 2003.” Acting as a call to action, this film festival is not only for the environmentally consciousness groups but extending to everyone interested in being inspired and uniting in the community to heal the earth.

With the many strange weather events that took place in 2015, like the heat wave in India and floods in the Atacama Desert (one of the driest places in the world), issues of the environment are becoming more prevalent and real. This festival is a great opportunity to get informed and become aware of the many issues the environment is facing and a great place to learn what you can do to help. Learning about our planet can help inspire a deeper connection and help dissolve some of the bad habits we have formed throughout our be lives.

With the event selling out last year and The River Oaks theater only seating 450, I would get my tickets NOW. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival which are on sale now and can be purchased here.  Check out the list of films that are being aired here. If interested in volunteering with some of the Bees for this event contact