Boston Got One.


Who is this random guy from Boston coming out swinging?

That would be Cousin Stizz, hailing out of Suffolk County. I recently came up on Cousin Stizz doing my daily Soundcloud digging. I saw Gravez released a remix of one of Stizz’s tracks called “Shoutout.” I instantly started feelin’ it. I did more digging on Cousin Stizz & came up on his project “Suffolk County.” Lets just say, Stizz isn’t someone you should sleep on. Stizz’s music is a reflection of him & his environment, its transparent & mellow. I feel that when Stizz released “Suffolk County” it was kind of an eye opener that Boston may have some creatives on the rise. Boston has never been too much known for much of anything hip-hop related, so this will be interesting to see play out.


Stizz’s life took kind of a turn around when he was 14 years-old when one of his very close friends died due to a gunshot wound & he started acting out & getting out of hand. His mother told him he could either go to military school or switch schools & go to school in the suburbs. Of course Stizz chose the suburbs. In an interview with Noisey, Stizz says it was a real transition for him, seeing as he was from the hood & almost everyone he was surrounded by looked like he did & he couldn’t really relate to anything about the suburbs or the people in them. Eventually he changed his perspective & began to accept his current situation.

I learned a lot about myself. Like, it really taught me about how to be a people person and how to treat others, and it just taught me a lot about like people, about what people like and that helped shape the music that I make. I’ve seen every spectrum almost. I’ve hung out with everybody. I hang with everybody there is to hang with in my city. – Coustin Stizz (Via Noisey)

All in all, Cousin Stizz’s debut Suffolk County is a journey of experiences, from his adolescence to what he is doing now, all rooted in the city. Boston.

Stream Suffolk County Below: