If you could…how would you…if it all came down to it…?

These queries are posed to peoples, leaders and organizations concerning an immense array of topics in attempt to satisfy the who,what, when, how and why that our minds thirst for.  Let’s for a moment think beyond the short-sighted scope of our learned psyche and contemplate what’s behind the responses to these interrogative concerns and how they relate. Not to be abstract or vague but let’s agree that all these response have commonalities and something consistent among them is what the title of this rant is all about, PURPOSE!

We all wish we could enjoy more in the experience we call life. Whether it be spending time with loved ones during vacation, enjoying live music performance from your favorite artist or even sharing sex with that special person of interest. The key behind all these desires is to fulfill the simple fundamental element in our drive, which is, say it with moi, PURPOSE!

You can’t control but so little in life, however, think about how important those little things that you can control are to you. Your words, actions and choices can be controlled by you and you alone (although external influences do have an impact). It is clear that we use these powers of control to merely justify and fulfill the desires, needs and lust we have but what if we used them for more? We would still be engaged in the active pursuit to satisfy, P-U-R-P-O-S-E!

Since we have been talking about it and its the reason why we do, say and/or choose anything lets dissect what it really is…

Purpose is the rationalized understanding for all things  both rational and irrational unique to ones perception. Whether it is agreed upon by a congregation or if it belongs to the crazy man in the back with the wild hair and beard, purpose exists and can be tailored to fit any perspective. Purpose is the inclination behind the religion we practice, universities we attend and lifestyles that we procure.

Now if that isn’t too much to digest then chew on this…

Do you believe you have purpose? Does your purpose breed conflict or peace? Could you handle it if you satisfied your purpose?

Just a though…til next time…Peace!