When we hear, “I Have a Dream…” we automatically think of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Those of you lucky enough to have careers in corporate America may look forward to the third Monday in January every year to have that 3 day weekend and celebrate with family and friends over one, two or three plates of barbecue, but let’s not forget the real reason for that 3 day weekend.

Here in Houston, there is a special event dedicated specifically to Dr. King that consists of fourth and fifth grade students showing off their speaking skills, just as MLK did many years ago. This year, the students are asked to give a three to five minute speech reciting what they think MLK would say if he were running for president this year. With the upcoming election, the prompt could not be more appropriate. The young scholarly adversaries were chosen after competing against other students at their schools in the fall. Only the top speaker was chosen to represent from 24 elementary schools in the Houston Independent School District. From there, the students went on to a semi-final round, where only 12 of them were chosen to move forward and present their speech to spectators from the Houston area on this Friday, January 15th. How exciting!
The 2015 Winning Speech at the 19th Annual Competition

The 20th Annual Gardere MLK Oratory Competition will be held at Antioch Baptist Church, located at 500 Clay Street at 1:00 pm. The best part is there is no admission fee, so our youth can be supported without anyone having to spend a dime. I would encourage bringing other children around their age, so they can have the opportunity to experience a competition that does not involve judging who has the best nae-nae, milly-rock, or whatever other dance craze is popular right now.