Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack put culture before the turn-up in an even bigger way for its 12th year

I consider myself an Art, Beats + Lyrics OG: It was the first place I was carded; the first place I felt “grown;” the first place I felt cultured and cool *adjusts bifocals*. When I got the flier for this year’s event, I was a little sad to see that the venue had changed from Warehouse Live to Revention Music Center (formerly Bayou Music Center), but when I got to the event I realized the venue change was necessary. There were SO many people, and SO much art to see!

Masego performing at ABL Tour 2016.

Masego performing at ABL Tour 2016.
Photo: 9th Sage

The best thing about ABL – besides the fact that it is FREE with RSVP – is the diversity. You won’t be able to see a “common thread” in anyone or anything, except for the love of art and music (and free drink tickets for Jack Daniel’s-based mixed drinks). The people are of all backgrounds and the art comes in different media: canvas, photography, aerosol, creative writing converted to visual art…really anything you can think of, they provide.

Each year features a different musical headliner, and this year’s artist was Twista. Admittedly, I’m not a huge Twista fan, but it was kinda cool to be taken down memory lane. I might have even tapped a toe or two on “Overnight Celebrity.” Masego, the opening act, certainly warmed up the crowd – in fact, he was someone dope enough to come see as a headliner in the future, and he will definitely be on my radar from now on.

The Jack Daniel’s/Gentleman Jack team definitely accomplished its mission of exposing partygoers to culture with art exhibits by Mathew Curran, Frank Morrison, and a personal favorite, Dubleyoo.



If you missed out this year, the tour will be back…but I can’t tell you when. Adding to the exclusivity and coolness of the event, it doesn’t come to the same places every year.

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