It happened so fast
The days, the months, the years
It happened so fast
Seeing my siblings get bigger is bringing me to tears
It happened so fast
Before I knew it, 2016 was here
It happened so fast, It happened so fast
I cant help but think to myself, where did the year really go
Would I have rather dragged it on, prayed it moved slow
But I realize things can’t move any slower
I realize It’s only one way to go, and that’s forward
I can only do what time tells me
What’s next? A new car? A new scene?
The constant battle of what makes someone happy for the next year seems to be the thing to think
But I’m still stuck saying “It moved so fast”
So, what’s next? A new car? A new scene?
New friends? A new me?
What can I do to stop time from moving so fast?
Should I live a little, or share a few laughs? I realize only one way to go is forward
I only can do what time tells me
What’s next is what I put forward, A new car is what I have to work towards, A new scene is only what my eyes shall wonder
New friends are everywhere for to me to meet, and the only person that can renew my soul is me.
So what can I do to stop things from moving so fast
I can enjoy whats ahead, the good times, and laugh
I can love more, hug more and tap into the happy side I know
Because after all, life is for happiness and growth
I can detail out my next plans and see how strategic I need to be
But I must remember the only thing that can make things move so fast
Is me