As we all know, Houston is one of the biggest and socioeconomically expanding cities in the nation.

Our city is very fortunate to be recognized for its culture and arts.

There are many programs being provided around the city that focus on the history and development of art and people who are interested in the subject. I happened to stumble across a program that stood out to me the most, The Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts. MECA is a non-profit organization that aids in the development of undeserved youth and adults through arts and cultural programs. They plan an array of community based events helping with self-esteem, cultural pride, and to build discipline. It’s always super dope to find out about programs within the community that are expounding on ideals in art. Programs in Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts (MECA) uses the generosity of volunteers to help assist the students, so the program can’t run without a helping hand from people like you and I.

little MECA dancers

How can you help? The Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts program needs tutors and mentors assist the students. MECA also puts on an annual festival called the Dia de los Muertos Festival:Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Future, and they need volunteers to help with the festival’s awesome activities. You can even donate to the program at or become a part of MECA’s multi-year giving society to keep a steady support. There are so many ways to become a pert of MECA, just find whats more fitting for you. You can volunteer, donate, or become a part of the multi-year giving society.


Help MECA become a successful program by signing up to volunteer on their website ! MECA is a great opportunity to network with others who are interested in the arts. Don’t miss out because I know I will be signing up ASAP!