Following the 2014 releases “Bliss” and “Spotless Mad (Side A)” Mr. Freeman finishes off the end of year in great fashion with the Munchies EP.

Just like the feeling you get when you see the orange and white lights from Whataburger at night Jack drops something off to fill your end of the year fix.  The three track project includes the two early fall releases “Come Back” and “Seasons Change” with the addition of the title song, “Munchies”.

Munchies features production by Chris Rockaway, Jett I. Masstyr, and The PRBLMSLVRS. The new track “Munchies” can completely summed up with the line, “I don’t even smoke but I got the munchies for your loving.”

Over very smooth and 90 r&b-like production Jack tells the story of one of the most powerful drugs on this earth. But out of the trio the one which caught my intention most had to be “Come Back,” from the moment Beastie Boy intro fades into a very spacey melodies. Jack pleads from his soul (in only the way a crooner can) for a woman as if she is the only one could supply all the warmth needed from the coldest of winters. All and the project is very short and sweet. Which can only bring to question what other delights does Mr. Freeman has in store for us in 2016.

Stream Munchies below: