While we’re down here battling tornadoes, earthquakes and 75 degree days, Chance the Rapper is trying to make sure Chicago’s homeless get the resources they need for the city’s very real winter.

In collaboration with The Empowerment Plan out of Detroit, Chance is working to get 1,000 self-heating jackets that turn into full body sleeping bags to Chicago’s homeless population. According to the cause’s Crowdrise page, $100,000 can produce 1000 Empowerment Plan coats, covering cost of labor, materials and other expenses. The nonprofit’s CEO, Veronika Scott, plans to create solutions for homelessness instead of providing band aids to cover the issue. Not only are these coats going to folks in need this winter, the project seeks to employ those same people to make the coats, both giving them a source of income and restoring a sense of purpose. According to an interview on WGCI, Chance explains that the company only employs homeless women to make the coats and pays them above minimum wage. While The Empowerment Plan is currently based in Detroit, the ultimate goal is to have a factory built-in Chicago as well, to create some semblance of sustainability by providing jobs for those in need. 


Don’t think that just because Christmas has passed, you’ve missed your chance to give. Warmest Winter 2016 is yet taking donations, with a few incentives to boost morale. As little as $10 gets you one entry to win either two tickets to a Bulls’ game or two tickets to a White Sox game. $50 gets you 10 entries to win the sporting event tickets and an entry to win two tickets to a Chance the Rapper concert. If you choose to drop $100 to sponsor an entire coat yourself, you also get 25 entries to win the Bulls’/Sox game tickets, five entries to win the concert tickets, one entry to win meet & greet tickets for the concert and a dope limited edition poster for the cause. So, while giving is pretty awesome by itself, you also have a chance to win some pretty awesome experiences to start your 2016 off right. Make use of the links of above to make a contribution and stay posted on the fundraiser via Chance the Rapper’s Twitter profile.

Check out the video below for more information on how The Empowerment Plan’s CEO got this project off the ground in Detroit.