Hell if anyone can make Young Thug sound good on a track to me then they have my undivided attention. That’s what the conclusion I drew when I heard the first single, which was also the most intriguing collaboration, from Jamie Smith’s (known to the music world as Jamie xx) debut EDM album In Colour.

Diving deeper into the album yields an experience that is rich with flowing emotion and well-blended tracks. From the opening track “Gosh” to the album’s other single “Loud Places” to its final track “Girl,” Jamie xx has put together one of my favorite projects of the year. I feel this way because a lot of mainstream artists don’t know how to put albums together anymore. Projects that are able to establish an overall theme, while carrying a message or telling a story that all fits well together as opposed to a title with a bunch of songs on it. What In Colour provides are 11 tracks that meld so beautifully together that it’s hard to tell where one track ends and one begins and topped off with a great album artwork that captures the mood of the album.

The music on this ranges from steel pan melodies to quieter keyboard tunes that are able to draw on emotion so easily and adds to the overall general listening experience of the album. There are barely any lyrics on the album, but who needs those when you can put music together as effortlessly as this? I highly recommend giving this a listen. It’s great for a lazy evening drive or for a relaxing Sunday morning because it can go anywhere from being perfect background music for your day or a great soundtrack for your party/kickback.