Hello All,

My name is Brittany and I am a conspiracy theorist and a skeptic.  My third eye is so open it needs Visine.  I take nothing that any one says at face value.  One of my favorite pastimes is discussing different theories with fellow conspiracy theorists! Talking to other conspiracy theorists is such a great way to find out new and exciting info and perspectives.  There’s one caveat, many skeptics and conspiracy theorists just speculate wildly. Those wild-eyed crazies are usually the people who comes to mind when you think of conspiracy theorists, giving the rest of us a bad name.  Their theories are so obviously baseless and out there that any  reasonable person cannot wrap their mind around them.  By day, I’m an accountant, a bean counter, and we live by the mantra “trust but verify.”  While I rarely just trust, I always verify.

As most of you know, our only defense against remaining a sheep or being a crazy person is information.  There are many ways to obtain credible information.  Reading books is a great way to find an abundance of information, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. Sorting through the gobbled-gook on message boards and social media is more of a pain than its worth.    However, one of the simplest ways to get easily digestible information is through documentaries.   Listed below are some great ones to start with.

  1. Fed Up– This is an amazing documentary that will alert you to the dirty tricks being played on your mind and body by the food industry. This film cleanly explains how people fighting the battle of the bulge have the odds purposely stacked against them by greedy corporations.
  2. wpid-fed-up-trailer-headerBastards of the Party – This is the realest documentary out there. Bastards of the Party is a film created by a member of the Bloods gang in South Central Los Angeles that chronicles the birth and rise of gang violence in LA and across the nation.  Cle Shaheed Sloan traces the roots of the gangs from the 1950s to now.  Not only will this doc make you think and reconsider the way you thought of gang  members, it’s freakin’ beautifully shot! Directed by Antione Fuqua, this film is a definite must watch.
  3. bastards-of-the-party-documentaryBusiness of Being Born– This is a slightly lighter film, but hard-hitting nonetheless. It chronicles the struggles families face bringing children into the world when our medical system is set up, not to protect the mother and child, but to make money off the birth and protect doctors from malpractice suits.
  4. tumblr_m715iomCfk1qbhzjaPink Ribbon, Inc. – So many of us know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. This film outlines how corporations and our healthcare system have tricked us into thinking the prevalence of cancer is the fault of the individual and that we can somehow help by wearing pink ribbons.  Pink Ribbons, Inc. highlights how corporations are peddling cancerous poisons while using this symbol to shelter themselves from scrutiny.  WATCH THIS FILM!
  5. pinkribbons_fromveryaware Ethos – this is my favorite of all the documentaries. This film covers all bases, from 9/11 conspiracies to religion to the work of Edward Bernays and the rise of consumerism.  Ethos is so thorough and well laid out, you are unable to be schleep after watching it.  You’ll end up questioning everything around you, and you should because it’s all a lie.


These are just a few films that really made me think, there are a ton out there about topics you never even knew you wanted to know about.  They can open your mind to so many new ideas and theories, you’ll be woke in no time.

Have you watched any of them films? Did they wake you up? What are some of your favorite #StayWoke documentaries? Let us know in the comments below!