My career’s morning sex, simply I’m up and coming…” – Nick Grant

There’s nothing like that first time you listen to a truly great artist. That feeling that you get when you come across some truly amazing music is akin to a first high, or being intimate for the first time with a partner you love. It’s a feeling that you keep chasing because you know you’ve experienced something that is truly once in a lifetime and you have to feed that hunger even though, deep down, you know that it will never be as euphoric as that first time. That’s the feeling that I, as a lover of music, especially hip-hop, feel when I come across someone that I think is a great rapper.

And it’s especially real for rap because we wade through so much mediocrity that when you come in contact with that fire music, one has to realize just how special the moment is. That’s how I felt when I heard young, unsigned rapper Nick Grant (@NickGrant_ on Twitter) drop some bars on Sway in the Morning. Talk about potential. From the interview before the freestyle in the video below, you can see that this is a humble, intelligent dude that’s focused and poised to take the rap game by storm. The moment was presented and he seized it with over 4 minutes of ruthless bars… *insert flame emojis x 100*.

There’s not much else to say. Push play on the video below and in the words of Sway “let it breathe. Enjoy the moment”.

(Yes I know the video is 30 minutes long but link starts at the beginning of the freestyle. Enjoy).