It’s a natural human tendency to see patterns and forms in abstract landscapes—we sometimes think clouds look like animals and draw constellations in random smatterings of stars. 

Art and music are all around us. An artist can find muses anywhere in their daily lives. Ukrainian graphic designer and sound engineer Anna Marinenko spent the day riverside enjoying the calming of nature and made the connection that many of us may have never noticed. Combining her talents as a sound engineer and a photographer to create a series that showcases zen around her. The clear and beautiful connection between nature and sound. With this idea Marienko created a graphic series displaying these  aesthetic similarities.

The photos feature oscillating heights of mountains, trees and skylines with matching sounds waves under cool colors. This is aligned side by side, matching them into a single image.  These photos make a symbolic connection between nature and sound for a “Sound Form Waves.” The photos of nature alone are breathtaking. Along with comparison of graphic expressions, the reflection of water, landscape and sky is visually pleasing and calming.

Our natural environment is full to sources for artist to expand on. The images blend so well in the series  I’d like to hear what these landscapes actually sound like. Is there a conceptual noise piece in Marinenko’s future? I definitely hope so.