Soul of Mind was the show you didn’t know you didn’t want to miss.

Killem Collective’s showcase, Soul of Mind, at the House of Blues Sunday, November 22 was way more than I expected –in the best way possible. I had heard of a couple of the artists before, but I don’t think I had ever seen them in their fullest glory yet.

The first group to hit the stage was Milky Wayv (Bobby Earth and Peyton). Bobby Earth was 100% in the zone during the set, taking time to step away from the laptop we’re so used to seeing him behind and take a dance break. Peyton’s voice was as clear and sweet as always, and she seemed to be completely comfortable on stage, standing nonchalantly as if holding a microphone has now become second nature.

Milky Wayv at Soul of Mind

Milky Wayv’s chill set at Soul of Mind.

I wasn’t very familiar with Tony Badd (OK, I’d never heard of him before), but I was very impressed. His guitar skills and use of falsetto showed that he has put in work on his talents, and he’s not just a guy who decided to sing some stuff one day. One of the highlights of his performance was a collab with Houston rapper Doeman, who no one knew was going to attend the show, let alone come up and perform. I got a chance to talk to Doeman backstage, and apparently the performance was a surprise to him, as well, having just gotten a text to show up that same day! For an impromptu performance, it went off seamlessly.

Doeman and Tony Badd at Soul of Mind

Doeman joining Tony Badd on stage.

Next up was the guy it seemed everyone in the extremely diverse audience came to see: Soul of Sherif. Now, I had beef with Mr. SOS for doing an interview with Alphie Numeric, and when I told him maybe I would come to the show and do a writeup if I decided to forgive him, he promised me I would have a lot to write about. Well, Sherif, you were correct. Soul of Sherif’s show definitely tenderized our beef. If I were giving Soul of Mind awards, I would give him “Best Stage Presence” and “Most Lit Crowd.” For a guy who I first met while he sauntered up to me wearing loafers and shades, I would have never expected his energy to be through the roof, jumping across the entire stage and taking a mini pop-lock break. The audience fed off of his energy, jumping with him, singing along, hands in the air the whole time. OK. Perhaps I forgive him, now…

Soul of Serif at Soul of Mind

A brief moment of calm during Soul of Sherif’s high energy set.

Last but most certainly not least was Mélat. From her looks, I was really expecting some chilled out, ethereal vibe from her, something more reminiscent of Milky Wayv’s sound. For such a tiny person, Mélat can B.L.O.W. –she has one of the strongest voices I’ve heard in a very long time. Doeman came back up on stage to do another flawless feature with her, their vibes melding together perfectly. For those who left the show early, they missed out on a treat.

Mélat at Soul of Mind

Mélat belting out note during her set.

If you missed the show altogether, Killem Collective has a Soul of Mind playlist on SoundCloud. Check it out to see what you missed, and follow these artists on their SoundCloud profiles and social media. These are people you’ll want to be able to say you knew “before they got big.”

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Killem Collective: @killemCollect

MilkyWayv: @elmilkywayv

Tony Badd: @theTonyBadd

Soul of Sherif: @SoulOfSherif

Mélat: @beholdMelat

Doeman: @DoemanxDYNA