I believe any opportunity to break into the industry that shaped my childhood and made me into the articulate, overachieving man with a hero complex is worth a shot.

And if I got selected it would be the bees knees!

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I mean the first thing I can recall ever reading was a comic, and to my recollection, reading comic books was how I learned how to read.  My admiration for them may be due to the fact that comics are one of the things I shared with my father.


Millarworld creator Mark Millar

Here’s the goods.  

Mark Millar and the other creators over at Millarworld are tossing us comic book aficionados a bone.  A pretty big freaking bone in the shape of a newly debuted once-a-year book event for new writers and artists called the Millarworld Annual.  So that we are all on the same page, “an annual” in the comic industry is a periodical published once a year that is longer and more detailed than the monthly comic.  Please believe this is not a ruse.  Mr. Millar is no slouch.  He stands tall on a Millarworld catalog of highly successful comics that have been made into major blockbuster hits like Wanted, Kick-Ass 1&2, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.  Many of his other creator-owned-comics at Millarworld are said to be in development at multiple studios.  Millar is also well-known throughout the comic community for his work at Marvel and DC comics where he crafted the mega hits Civil War and Superman: Red Son respectively.


After deliberation twelve contestants (6 writers and 6 artists) will write and draw stories using the Millarworld characters created by Mark Millar and have them published for all the world to read.  Along with notoriety, the twelve will receive Marvel and DC starter rates which are reported as $90 per page for writers and $200 per page for artists.  These rates are coming right out of Mr. Miller’s own pockets.  The trust he has in finding great talent is real.  If being published and paid to do something you love is not enough to get you salivating, than how about getting a warm fuzzy feeling from helping fellow comic creators in need.  All profits from the sale of the Millarworld annual will go to the Hero Initiative Charity.  For more information on the Hero Initiative Charity click here.

I strongly suggest to hop on this early because once November 30th clocks-in it’s done until next year, hopefully.  All finalist will be contacted just in time for Christmas, so that should make a pretty sweet gift.  Alright, now go boot up that word processor or sharpen those pencils.  For more details and all the official rules, you can find them here.

Hope to see eleven of you at the finish line!