The fine line of sportsmanship

Maybe it’s different for us millennials because we can usually admit when we have been bested as long as it isn’t overboard.  I can remember growing up and seeing Deion Sanders do his prime time high steps or the University of Miami Hurricanes wild out in the end zone after a score.  It almost became a normal occurrence to reward yourself with a little jig after you were successful.  As always “parents just don’t understand!” [Fresh Prince reference]

bat flips, mlb, nfl, nba, sportsmanship, millennials

Sports have been around for a long time.  In the old times it was down right absurd to show someone up let alone show an ankle.  Contrary to today, many of the “athletes” that participated in sports were from prestigious families.  This instilled a sort of social class aspect to the sports.  It was a bad thing to show your personality or any kind of flair.  As the years went on professional and college sports began to see a lot of characters come into their leagues from all over.  For the casual fan, it is easier to get into a sporting event that is exciting and entertaining.  Popularity grew and stars became household names.  Then along comes the old geezers to complain as they always do.  Change is tough for the baby boomers era and this was no different.

bat flips, mlb, nfl, nba, sportsmanship, millennials

Now I’m not advocating a full on Any Given Sunday celebration in the end zone but give me a break.  If you feel that strongly about a little celebration then maybe you should do better next time.  It’s that easy.  Maybe you aren’t into the MLB Postseason like I am so the bat flip things may have thrown you for a loop.  A bat flip is kind of like this…

Many baseball or sports purist look at this as disrespectful but as the true millennial i am all i do is applaud because after all “whats so wrong with bat flips?”Let’s live a little and have some fun.  It’s just a game.