Houston has a brand new performance arts venue located in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood, aptly named MATCH- Midtown Arts Theatre Center Houston.

I am especially excited to not only have such a great resource so close to my home, but I’m genuinely excited for the smaller theatre companies and boutique art functions and organizations to collectively share a space and call home. Soon to be the third largest city in the country, Houston is the basis for 540 arts organizations and growing- MATCH is right on time.

“Because arts organizations are dispersed across the city, they are hard to find and have few opportunities for collaboration and synergy…MATCH will fill this void in the Houston arts community by developing an accessible, centralized hub of creativity that will bring together an array of artists and art lovers from across the region’s diverse cultural, economic, and geographic communities.”

MATCH consists of two buildings, North and South, and an expansive breezeway that flows between them from a plaza on Main to a bus drop-off on Travis. The specific spaces, named “boxes” vary in size and functions:

The North building

MatchBox 1 seats 100 and can function as a black box theatre as well as a gallery with its all white wall space.

MatchBox 2 seats 159, ideal for dance performances.

MatchBox 3, a more traditional black box than Box 1, seats 140.

MatchBox 4 features a proscenium arch stage and 329 seats.

The South building

The South building features three rehearsal studios, each of which is also equipped with a sprung dance floor, a floor with 3000 feet of gallery space and another 5000 square feet of office space.

MATCH currently houses Vitacca Dance, BETA Theatre, MET Dance, Diverse Works, Nameless Sound, Glass Tire, Kinetic Ensemble, Gordon Education Initiatives and dozens more.

The beautiful building is perfectly located near fantastic bars and restaurants in “Mid Main” (I refuse to let “Mid-Trose” catch on), and will feature the Creole cooking of Lemond Kitchen on site at MATCH. Some of my favorite places in the area include the stunning Nouveau Antique Art Bar, hip Alley Kat Bar, delicious Sparrow Bar and Cookshop, casual Double Trouble, the trendy Wooster’s Garden late night favorite Vietnamese staple, Mai’s, and take a spin in Sig’s Lagoon Record Shop; if you’re feeling adventurous, Old Crow Parlor tattoo shop is a unique parlor with talented artists producing amazing work. All perfect staples for dinner and a show, and MORE!

Speaking of shows, here’s what’s happening at MATCH now!


MatchBox 1

“Dreams collide in this hilariously revealing and high energy musical confessional from Broadway’s Jersey Boys’ Eric Gutman who, at the peak of his career, moved back to his hometown to raise his daughters. Having performed over 1100 times (and to 1.3 million theater goers) with the national touring and Broadway companies of Jersey Boys, Eric played six different roles including three of the Four Seasons. A consummate theater and singing professional Eric shares his backstage stories, audience anecdotes and how he felt during the ups and downs of his career. He intimately details the rocky road to “making it”, sweating bullets auditioning face to face with Frankie Valli himself!”


MatchBox 4


“‘In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of — the cow jumping over the moon…’ Published in 1947, Goodnight Moon is the beloved bedtime story that has charmed and comforted generations of children. Brought to life with such characters as te 3 bears and the dish and the spoon this classic short story is expanded to a fully realized musical production.”


MatchBox 4


“Nobel Prize-winning novelist Orhan Pamuk visits Houston in support of his new work, A STRANGENESS IN MY MIND. He will speak and sign books November 5, at 7 PM, at the MATCH. This event is a co-presentation of Brazos Bookstore and the World Affairs Council of Houston. Each ticket cost $28.95 and includes a copy of the book. Best known for SNOW and THE MUSEUM OF INNOCENCE, Pamuk is routinely considered one of the world’s greatest living novelists – especially since winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006. More than just a storyteller, Pamuk is a fearless chronicler of his home country, Turkey. A STRANGENESS IN MY MIND is his most ambitious novel yet. Set in Istanbul, it tells the story of a young street vendor in search of a better life. Complex yet approachable, epic yet intimate, A STRANGENESS IN MY MIND is poised to become one of Pamuk’s most enduring works.”

For more information about MATCH, how to donate, rent space, Board of Directors, parking and more, click here.

All media courtesy of MATCHouston.org