So I’ve been to quite a few wine tastings but this past Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Whole Foods Market Brewery Tour. The idea of a brewery in Whole Foods is pretty neat when you think about it. The event was completely free. We started off with a small intimate group of 3 couples and 1 guy who apparently has superior knowledge of beer (based off of the intricate questions he asked our Brewmaster, Dave). The evening started off with us all meeting upstairs at the Whole Foods Market on Post Oak, one of two locations in the U.S. that is lucky enough to have the brewery inside. Dave hands us this super helpful fact sheet that you can view below.


We tried four beers from their collection based on style. One fruity, two hoppy, and one light. Hoppy surprisingly was my favorite. Light, which smells grassy, ended up being my least favorite despite its light characteristics. After we tossed a few back (not really) but we’ll pretend, we toured their brewery. Their facilities where they brew the beer is located in a glass room right behind the bar which makes all the better for a nice evening of drinks after work. How often can you go to a bar and see where you beer is being brewed?!


our brews

During this tour we learned all about the brewing process and even got to taste hops (aka what hoppy beers are made of)…the taste was blah but hoppy beers taste great so that’s all that matters. We even were able to taste a sweet potato flavored beer which I thought would’ve been awful but actually turned out to be great. I’d give this tour an A+ due the intimacy of being able to tour with such a small group at no fee. It also helps that our Brewmaster was an expert in the field. With that being said…I’m excited to announce that the brewery is celebrating their 1 year anniversary this Wednesday, November 4th with an amazing deal. For $50 you can experience 5 courses and beers. Yes, you heard me….5 courses AND beers at what is arguably one of the best grocers around town. As a bonus, not only will the Beer Dinner feature Whole Foods beer, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Karbach Brewing Company , Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. and Southern Star  Brewing Company will also be featured.


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