Joining The Internet on their fall 2015 Ego Death Tour, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Moonchild for the very first time.

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The Internet concert a couple of weeks ago was super dope. I was told before the group was amazing live, and I was finally got the chance to see them up close. Before I got to enjoy The Internet, a group by the name of Moonchild dispensed pure musical vibes into the crowd.


Moonchild, is a true soul indie-band  from California. The trio includes trio horn/reed players Andris Mattson, Max Bryk, and lead singer Amber Navran. Navran’s soft vocals made the crowd rave as she whistled and whoosed in and out of the band’s soul claps, horn melodies, and synth shades. Her voice makes me think of the talented singers in old jazz bars in the 1920s, delicate but captivating almost Erykah Badu-esque covering  “Tyrone” wooing the audience. In addition to Navran’s voice, Moonchild creates light lofty sound with the use of trumpet, saxophones and keyboards. Creating a magical cross-breed of jazz and soul. The band used their performance to showcase all their talents, making time for full segments for their horn once again stealing the attention of the crowd.

Gaining a record deal with Indie label Tru Thoughts, Moon Child is re-releasing the album Please Rewind worldwide November 5th. With a pair of albums under their belt, 2012’s Be Free and 2014’s Please Rewind, and this nation-wide tour, I’m sure they will be gaining more support.

Listen to some of my favorite tracks and keep up with Moonchild’s new music here.