Renown Houston-based street artist Gonzo247 has outdone himself with this massive meeting of the artistic minds.

Houston Urban Experience Mural Festival

Houston Urban Experience Mural Festival artists come from around the world to beautify the outer walls of Downtown Houston and the surrounding areas.

Street art is increasingly more prominent and ubiquitous in Houston, especially downtown. This is, in large part, the progressive work of artists like Gonzo247 (proprietor of Aerosol Warfare) and local co-curators Dandee Warhol, Black Cassidy and Scott Tarbox of Ground Control, who have shown art connoisseurs, collectors, and appreciators that street art belongs in the ranks of any other form of visual art that would be found in a museum.

The latest endeavor by the aforementioned artists, the Houston Urban Experience Mural Festival (HUE Mural Festival), is a partnership with Houston First to curate an organic Houston urban experience that will attract tourists and locals alike, while adding to Houston’s art landscape. According to the festival’s mission statement, the 7-day event strived to “make Houston an international destination for artists and art lovers alike.”

Ninety artists from around the world including the United States, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Amsterdam, and many more countries, had around 170 hours to create in their various styles, using graffiti, muralism, paintbrush work, airbrush, roller brush, wheat paste, and stencil. At the end of the festival, murals covered 25 walls throughout downtown, including EADO, East End and Washington Avenue Arts Districts – approximately 20,000 square feet of wall space within a 17-mile round trip around the city!

Galveston-based street artist Gabriel Prusmack has a prominent mural space facing 59 South, on the corner of Chartres and Leeland. Prusmack has worked with Gonzo247 on multiple projects, and refers to him as a “great leader” for pulling this project together. He considers HUE Fest a big win for street art, and feels it will allow people to take street art more seriously in the realm of creative expression.

If you haven’t been out to see the murals yet, you still have time! The festival ended October 25, but the murals will remain long after the artists return to their respective cities and countries. However, one of the coolest parts of the festival was seeing the artists in action, effortlessly turning concrete into color.

Couldn’t make it? Search the hashtag #HUEFest on social media for cool pics of the murals and the artists!