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Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterized mainly by impaired social interactions. (Source) Autistic individuals possess brilliant capabilities, but these capabilities are often buried underneath heavy stigmas, especially in African-American and Latino communities. Gabriel’s Horn Foundation is a huge blessing to individuals and families effected by the diagnosis and stigmas of Autism in these communities and hopes to raise awareness. You can help!

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“Through Advocacy, Awareness and Action we will insure that every child and every family impacted by Autism in undeserved communities has access to the right information and services.” This is Gabriel’s Horn Foundation’s mission, and reading it almost brings me to tears. I think about all of the friends and family member’s on the Autism Spectrum that I’ve seen accomplish such amazing things – one of my most beloved cousins has found confidence to speak up for himself and he is attending a university and absolutely thriving. I could not be prouder of him, and while I may be a little bit bias and think he is extra amazing because he is family that I love dearly, I am also aware that these are things that any individual on the Autism Spectrum could accomplish with the proper information and services. That’s why the goal Gabriel’s Horn Foundation is walking for is so heavy – all of the children in this communities could be thriving at universities, in careers, and doing anything else they wanted with the most basic information and services to fight such a strong and harmful stigma. The kids and their families deserve that, and now we can all help make it happen with our own two feet or just the click of a button.

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autism walk

Autism Speaks will be hosting Walk Now For Autism Speaks in Houston’s Minute Maid Park on Saturday, October 10th at 10 AM.

  • Opening Ceremonies start at 10:00am. This will take place in the ballpark seats along the 3rd base line of the field which will face the stage.
  • Walk Steps off at 10:30am.
  • Event ends at 12:00 pm.
  • 90% of this Walk will be covered, so we will have this event rain or shine.

Entertainment will be provided. –Full Event Info

Time is running out! Offer your support and give to this amazing foundation and the lives that a small amount of time from your schedule or any amount of money is impossible to describe in an article.