Typically, your regular high school graduate wanted to go to college, get the greatest years of their life out the way, graduate, get married, and live a pretty normal life.

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Not me. I’m Jackie Binta, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the fine tunes of music.

High school, I tried out for the school band, but things didn’t work out so well. Let’s just say asking the band teacher to carry out a little Kanye West was just too much and “inappropriate.” Who cares, what did she know anyways. Senior year I didn’t necessarily want to go straight into college, but of course, that’s what my moms wanted. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the grades to get in the university of my choice.  I was 72 out of 698 students, exempt from all courses on the state’s test, and I was pretty good at balancing social life with school. I just didn’t have the desire for anything that structured my life. The thought of working a routine 9-5 just didn’t intrigue me in any way. The euphoric feeling of music were the only things that stimulated my mind.


“Jackie, you have to decide what school you’re going to! Deadlines are approaching and you have just been sitting on yo’ a-,” my mom yelled at the top of her lungs in our small apartment kitchen. I immediately tuned her out and turned up my music, loud enough to drown her endless nagging. Currensy’s Pilot Talk 1 always seemed to perfectly drown all the nagging . So, I turned it to “Life Under the Scope”, did a belly plop on my bed, closed my eyes and tried to envision the life that was pouring through my ears. Everyday that got closer to graduation consisted of the same thing over and over. Mom nags, I drown it out, and dream about the life I wanted to live. I knew it was time to do something different, but what? What can I really do that will get us out of this tight-spaced apartment and to bigger and better things? How can I turn my real passion into my life forever? Then, I began to shift my thoughts. “I can do this for my family if I make it, my sister, my mom. I could really save some lives.” Around that time is when I realized I needed to make a plan and put into action. If I wanted to get involved with what I loved, I needed to find my way in the music industry. That’s the day I woke up. That’s the day I started following the skylines.

houston skyline