I never know why anyone/account chooses to follow me on Instagram. My personal profile is a series of family and friends in situations only I would find humorous or charming, a lot of acting and boasting as well as promotional for The Hive, but I’m totally smitten with my most recent follower, @TheCollecteur! This vibrant, artful account of Giulia Scalese is an absolute must follow!


@TheCollecteur is the IG handle for fashionista and photographer Giulia Scalese; her brand COLLECT features a blog, zine and shop with posters and prints of the work that has captured the fashion world’s eye, including the likes of two of my favorite powerhouses, Christian Louboutin and Moschino. Scalese’s still-life imagery has previously been praised in publications and media such as the New York Times T Magazine and Refinery29.


“Giulia Scalese is a still-life fashion artist and digital influencer with a background in photography, manipulation and visual merchandising.”

Scalese’s talents don’t end with the inanimate – RetouchShoppe offers the best of the best in digital tweaking for both print and web images; RetouchShoppe shop also features celebrity images, subtly and expertly enhanced.

COLLECT has numerous creations in print and poster liking, both reasonably priced as starting at $39 for prints and $60 for posters. If your local pharmacy hasn’t bombarded the store already with Christmas specific decor as mine has, here’s your friendly reminder that the holidays are right around the corner! These prints and posters are a bright and unique way to show the fashion savvy love in your life that you care.

If you haven’t already discovered the insanely inventive, playful world of COLLECT, you’re most definitely missing out. This is not just another faux-indie-chic-wanna-be-artsy IG-er; Scalese has true intuition. Her work exudes an oh-so appealing aesthetic with such obvious, natural assembly yet thoughtful carefulness that only a real visionary artist can possess.

Liven up your feed and follow @TheCollecteur – you will not regret it!

For more information about COLLECT, Giulia Scalese or to make purchases of your own, click here.

All images courtesy of Giulia Scalese of COLLECT