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For those whom aren’t familiar for Thundercat the musician Stephen Bruner is a producer, singer, and badass bass player. He was two solo albums that he was released. Mostly known for his work in the crossover group Suicidal Tendencies (with Flying Lotus), as well as work he has done on Erykah Badu, and Kendrick Lamar’s newest project. Coming from a very musical background having father and brother are extremely accomplished drummers.

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Thundercat was in town last week at Warehouse with the help of opener Melat. It was my first time hearing of the Austin native as well as seeing her in concert. The Ethiopian R&B singer has nan alluring voice and style to match.  I would definitely recommend checking her out here.  She even has a track with Houston’s own Doeman and I expect her to have a nice 4th quarter of this year.

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Thundercat and the band

This was first time catching Thundercat in concert, and I can say he puts on a very funkafied concert. Performing cuts from his newest album Apocalypse (executive produced by Flying Lotus)  and some of his other works. He performed one of the biggest of which when he broke down into Kendrick Lamar “Complexion.”

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In this age of electronic music it’s great to see artists that actually records and performs with an instruments. Between Thundercat, the other two members of his band, and a crowd full of his cult fan base, it was a huge jam session more than a concert. He went through his latest album and told stories about the music. Thundercat is a very down to earth artist that a lot of people can relate to which adds to his quirky charm. I want to give a shout out for Scoremore for putting this production on we need more shows of this sort in the city more often.

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Working the bass

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