No, really, nobody was expecting this…

You’ve probably seen some of The Hive Society’s recap videos and noticed how dope they our events look. That’s all due to our wonderful videographer/creative guy/homie, GJ “AllSeeingEyesGJ” Bordallo.

GJ "AllSeeingEyesGJ" and Pooh of DYNA Music Group

GJ “AllSeeingEyesGJ” Bordallo and Pooh of DYNA Music Group

GJ is that Filipino guy you see everywhere with the muscle shirt and bandana on and the camera permanently attached to his hand. I got a text from GJ one night after I responded to a tweet from DYNA Music Group member Mike C, asking who would like to see a freestyle video shot by GJ. GJ is about to launch his YouTube channel and wanted to start it off right, so he asked for a favor.

My journalism degree started tingling in its frame.

If you remember, the Hive recently covered Houston rapper Doeman in an interview by our bee, Alphie Numeric. We’re familiar with his work, but we haven’t heard anything like this before.

Doeman takes no prisoners when he starts his freestyle. Coming out the gate in a Tupac “Hit ‘Em Up”-like attack at the track, it’s almost hard to believe he hadn’t written anything down. It’s obvious that he is inspired by classic hip-hop, as he sticks to the subject for the entire duration of the rap, never letting up on his aggression and using words many rappers today would only find after scouring a thesaurus. His lyrics are intelligent, but they still stick hard in the listener’s gut, inspiring a good “Daaammmmnnn” every now and then. His flow is mainly about, well, his flow, and how he’s the sickest rapper in Houston. After hearing the freestyle, it would hard for anyone to argue. And after seeing the video, there’s no way anyone could argue about GJ being the dopest videographer/creative director.

In a completely impromptu meeting an hour before GJ shot for someone else, he and Doeman met up and filmed what would turn out to be arguably one of AllSeeingEyesGJ’s best videos. The visuals are innovative and unlike any you’d see on VH1 or MTV (mostly because they don’t really play music videos anymore…but I digress). The best way to describe it is that Doeman becomes live art on your screen. If GJ was planning on starting his YouTube Channel out with the illest video he has ever produced or created, mission accomplished. Check out the video below, follow Doeman and GJ on social media, and check out AllSeeingEyesGJ’s channel. And keep checking back, because this is hardly the end for either GJ or Doeman.