A new wave of brands have come in to use their efforts to resolve solutions in our present day society.

From Krochet Kids fighting poverty to Ivory Ella saving the elephants, I stumbled across the lifestyle brand Vivid Roots that has taken a stand to help build water systems to those who don’t have the resources to clean water. Over 1 billion people lack access to clean water and 3 million people die a year from water deprivation. Vivid Roots’ mission is to inspire and to take measures on social change by making it easy for everyone to make a major impact on the world. They are doing so by selling their gear and using a part of it to help provide clean water. Vivid Roots has partnered with Rotary International to build sustainable water systems in Guatemala and Ecuador. Each donation made by Vivid Roots, Rotary matches 7 times.


Like most of the brands I have researched, Vivid Roots also started from a group of college students who wanted to create a change. Dallas Crum, Dylan Carlson, Trever Bostrom, and Connor Kingsbury founded the brand after a backpacking trip in the Idaho mountains 2013. Their main initiative is to let the world in on how they see life and live life, vividly.

vivid roots

Vivid Roots sells t-shirts, tanks, and even water bottles with their brand’s logo. You can check out their apparel at vividroots.com and follow them on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. With the amazing power of social media, Vivid Roots has shown real growth and their efforts should not go unnoticed. After reading Stand4 Magazine’s article on these four special guys and their brand, what stood out to me most is their vision of the bigger picture of Vivid Roots. They stated, “In short, the goal is to Live Vividly and leave the world a better place than it was before we started.”

The Bees encourages everyone to put forth the effort to help Vivid Roots sustain water for the less fortunate and to change yourself to Live Vividly.

vivid roots