Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival made our list of “7 Fall Music Festivals You Should Check Out” and for good reason. The annual festival which spans two-weekends guarantees your festival needs will be fulfilled. 


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The English electronic duo is responsible for some of the best house remixes of your favorite songs. While I tried my hardest, even I couldn’t avoid the 2014 breakout hit “Latch”.  Gearing up for the release of their sophomore release of Caracal (25 Sept 2015), the Lawrence brothers are prepared to take the stage for what I predict to be one of the best sets of the entire festival. Pull out your dancing shoes and listen to Disclosure’s “Omen” featuring Sam Smith.

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The Weeknd

the weeknd, acl, austin city limits

I enjoy The Weeknd and I make no apologies for that. However, I didn’t think he’d become as mainstream as he currently is, because this definitely wasn’t the case during my undergrad years. When House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence dropped, they were cool and that was it. Fast-forward to 2015, and The Weeknd has not one, but two Billboard Hot 100 songs. “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” can be heard on just about every urban mainstream radio station because they play the same 10 songs.

So I’m hoping to hit a slow, hazy body roll to “The Hills” surrounded by fellow fans who swear we can all relate to whatever very dark and tormented memories The Weekend is recalling when he’s in the studio. Watch “The Hills” music video below

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hozier, acl, austin city limits

Hozier, the Irish singer-songwriter, became a breakout star when his hit song “Take Me to Church” went viral on Youtube. The single, released on his EP of the same name, won Top Rock Song at the 2015 Billboard Music Songs. While I typically don’t care for rock, this song invokes the most trance-like sway and head nod from me every time I hear it. The “Take Me to Church” video, with over 255 million views, has garnered as much acclaim as it has disdain. Refusing to be apologetic about his message, the video features a black-and-white clip of a homosexual man who gets brutally beaten by a gang of bigot while his lover helplessly looks on. “The history speaks for itself and I grew incredibly frustrated and angry. I essentially just put that into my words.”(Rolling Stone) I’m hoping Hozier takes all of Zilker park to church when he hits the stage at ACL.

Watch Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” video:

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Run the Jewels

run the jewels, acl, austin city limits

In case you’ve been under a rock and are about two years behind, Run the Jewels is a hip-hop duo formed by Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike and New York-based rapper/producer El-P. Run the Jewels’ music showcases how menacing production and aggressive lyricism still work in a time where barely audible and infectious sing-a-long rap seems to be the “Catch of the Day”. After a successful run with Run the Jewels 2, the duo plans to release a lighthearted remix, titled Meow the Jewels, composed entirely of cat sounds. Yes, cat sounds. I’m sure our EIC/Cat Whisperer will be on time for that.

Check out “Meowrly” from Meow the Jewels:

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Drake is having a really good year. Even if you sidestep all of the stories about his love interest(s), he really hasn’t taken an L in 2015. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late went platinum, he wrapped up a really successful tour which included a Houston Appreciation Weekend 2, and he’s still in the studio working on Views from the 6.  He even managed to come out of an online fisticuffs that included allegations that he didn’t write his own raps.

While I’m sure Meek Mills regrets letting his trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers, “Back to Back” became a chart-topping record for Heartbreak Drake. Drizzy headlining ACL is sure to bring us more treats because we all know he’s a Petty Professional.  It’s a shame that “R.I.C.O.” didn’t have the chance to become the summer banger it had the potential to be.

Watch Drake perform “Back to Back” during the 2015 OVO Fest in Toronto, Canada:

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Lion Babe

lion babe

We recently featured an Artist Buzz on Lion Babe. After appearing on one of our Field  Trips Forever projects, we’re excited to see this duo in person. As our EIC describes it, “The Lion Babe sound is transformative. In one song Hervey’s voice resembles a young Erykah Badu providing cosmic sound that makes you feel like you’re levitating in the stratosphere and the next song you will be full on head banging to Goodman’s vibrating fingers on his electric guitar.”

Watch the official video for “Impossible”:

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g-eazy, g eazy,


G-Eazy is a personal favorite on this year’s ACL lineup. When 9th Sage first dropped a profile on the Cali rapper  for #MusicMonday, I knew that he had something. He’s likeable and being likeable will get you far. The “You Got Me” artist has had a very busy 2015, appearing on a dozen or so lineups for music festivals across the globe. I’ve seen G-Eazy perform during the 2015 Illmore and can personally vouch that his presence is electric.

Watch G-Eazy’s official (and NSFW) “Tumblr Girls” video:

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In addition to the lineup gems we’ve listed here, you can catch the likes of A$AP Rocky, Jidenna and Modest Mouse on stage in Zilker Park. So if you were the lucky ones to get your ACL general admission tickets early, yay you! However, if you happened to be sleep and feel left out, don’t fret. There are still VIP passes available for both weekends. If luxury concert going isn’t your thing (or in your tax bracket) you also have the option to get tickets to ACL Festival Late Night Shows where you can catch your faves at venues throughout the Music Capital of the World.

So let’s get ready for not one, but two weekends, of one of the most exciting and successful music festivals in the U.S. To see the full  ACL lineup, click here and we’ll see you in the park!

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