The nationally known kickback Henny Palooza came to Houston and it was LIT! Read our recap and see what you missed out on this Labor Day Weekend.

Hey guys, the Bee Keeper here, and I want to tell you guys a story about my love for a certain Cognac. Ever since I grew from a boy to a man and opted for my libations to be brown instead of clear, I learned very quickly that you can never go wrong reaching for the top shelf for Cognac, France’s best creation, Hennessy. Henn-Dawg; Henny; Hen a.k.a. “the best brown in town” has been a part of some of my most memorable nights, including a few I can’t really remember. Everyone seems to call my love “Bae” but I’m not jealous, everyone can share Henny’s love, if you’re over the appropriate drinking age of course. Hennessy was the drink of choice and inspiration  behind  Kameron McCullough‘s game-night that essentially grew its own legs and made its way through the grapevine of social media. With the parties name-sake named after the adult beverage that millions already knew and love, Henny Palooza was born famous like Kanye and Kim’s kid.

Event Host: @LowkeyUHTN addressing the crowd. - Photo by @9thSage

Event Host: @LowkeyUHTN Henny Palooza Houston – Photo by @9thSage

How was the party? It was what I expected it to be. It was a big kickback with unlimited Hennessy flowing until all bottles were empty. Keeping it simple is a lost-art; you don’t need to have a lot going on for an event to be enjoyable. There was a taco truck available for people to grab some food, but other than that it was Hennessy + Good Music + Good People. DJ Auditory of the Hive Society came in the clutch and was able to spin a few sets when one of the scheduled DJ’s couldn’t make it, so he was able to take the crowd on a Field Trip! Shameless plug, I know; but that was a surprising and clutch addition to the event as Auditory pleased the crowd with a few local favorites. It was a great DJ line-up with Houston’s own DJ Candlestick of the Chopstars and 93.7 the Beat, Meka of 2DopeBoyz and Austin Millz, with hosts Lowkey and Chris Stylezz assisting with the ambiance. I had lots of fun despite the heat that comes with a Houston Summer and copious alcohol intake, but don’t just take my word for it! Check out what a few other friends had to say, and browse a few shots from the artistic eye of street-photographer 9th Sage.

Hive Society's own DJ Auditory at Henny Palooza - photo by @9thSage

Hive Society’s own DJ Auditory at Henny Palooza – photo by @9thSage


OG Bee Nelly writes: Henny Palooza in Houston was hands down one of the greatest daytime parties that I’ve ever been to. Arriving 5 minutes before its start time, my squad and I anticipated an early tap out of the bottles but luckily our cups stayed runneth over for majority of the event. Despite discouraging Tweets and comments about it’s admission price the venue quickly filled. HP possessed  the key ingredients to pulling off the perfect recipe for a great soirée; cool people, dope music and the guest of honor, unlimited Hennessy. The crowd started off a bit dry but after a few sips (or for those like me a few cups) the building turned into a sweaty dance party! Playful dance battles, the crowd participation while singing along to the viral “Why You Lying” parody and an epic swag surf session are just a few of my favorite moments. Hopefully if it returns to the city; perhaps a well-ventilated setting will be at the top of the agenda. R.I.P. to my folding fan. Other than that, I’m proud to say that I survived HennyPalooza.


Nelly asks you to "look at the flick of da wrist" on stage at Henny Palooza Houston! - Photo credit: Tanair LG. -

Nelly (right) asks you to “look at the flick of da wrist” on stage at Henny Palooza Houston! – Photo credit: Tanair LG. –

Contributing Writer Lauren Moore states: The music and overall atmosphere definitely surprised me this past Sunday at Houston’s first Henny Palooza. A combination of hip hop classics and current hits mixed by Houston’s very own like DJ Candlestick of 93.7 the beat had the entire crowd insane throughout the entire event; forcing no one to leave without being sweat-drenched. To some it probably wasn’t “their type of party” but to those who enjoy good music and the wonderful cognac that is Hennessy, the event was everything and more. The venue contributed to the atmosphere as well with the House of Dereon having a stage dead front of the space with the bar parallel to it followed by nothing but room and opportunity to ultimately enjoy yourself.

It was definitely dancing going on at Henny Palooza Houston - Photo by @9thSage

It was definitely dancing going on at Henny Palooza Houston – Photo by @9thSage


Food trucks captivated our taste buds with cuisine that reflected two totally different cultures and helped to counteract the consumption of the unlimited cognac provided. Overall, there were no negatives of this event in my opinion except the increase in temperature once “Swag Surfing” blasted out of the speakers and had everyone dancing to it’s namesake. I cannot wait for next year’s event and I salute the creators of the entire movement.

Hive Society Bee Hope Carter and Contributing Writer Lauren Moore pose for @9thSage at Henny Palooza Houston

Hive Society Bee Hope Carter and Contributing Writer Lauren Moore pose for @9thSage at Henny Palooza Houston

New Bee Hope Carter states: With it only being my 2nd time drinking Henny, I wasn’t ready for the turn-up. The HP crew did an excellent PR job by responding to tweets/instagram posts/facebook posts that featured the hashtag #hennypalooza and following up with people, even to the point of scoping them out at the event. The food truck was on point, in keeping with the original Henny Palooza house party where you bring “a bottle of Hennessey and a box of chicken,” so having a food truck was kind of a “Started from the bottom” moment. DJ’s were great, vibe was better. It was hot in there but worth the sweat.

Live Scene: Henny Palooza Houston by @9thSage

Live Scene: Henny Palooza Houston by @9thSage

It was a good time! Check out a few more photos from 9th Sage below and stay tuned to the Henny Palooza website for more info, and a schedule of events to come. It was good meeting Kam and other HP creators amid the sea of Hennessy-induced Houstonians. We definitely support people who know how to have a good time; maybe next year we can do some philanthropy in the city before the event and give back to the community if you guys are interested (we’re a non-profit and it’s, like, the things we like to do) so let us know! Regardless, we’ll be on the look-out for your return, so ’til next time guys! To those reading this who missed out, you obvilously were slipping. Just search the #hennypalooza hashtag if this recap isn’t enough, and you’ll see what I mean. Hope to see more people at Henny Palooza next year, and we’ll all take a few shots and share some laughs together! Remember, as always, Drink Responsibly…. like, seriously it’s 2015 and there’s no excuse to drink and drive. There’s Uber n’ shit for a reason.

Keeper of the Bees