Esther, don’t you see? Can you see the blows coming from your father’s hands?
Esther, don’t you see? Can you see his mind losing it’s plans?
Esther, don’t you see? Can you see his hands shaking away from the pens?
Esther, don’t you see? Esther, stop playin’ with me?

Oh! You’re just too young. You still don’t understand the meaning of “don’t swallow your gum.”
You can’t tell that this is dysfunctional? Love does not mean a punch to the abdominal.
Love means how he drew the world. Love means the art that he made only for his little girl.
Love and art made him pay attention. Love is all he had when is mind went missing.

He fell into a dark depression. Esther likes to say, “Oh, he’s just not paying attention.”
When his mind completely left, is the same time reality made her go deaf.
Esther, you need to grow up and understand
that it’s not up to you, it’s all in God’s hands.

He made him lose it, so that it can find you.
So, Esther, what are you going to do?
Are you going to sing, write, or draw?
Ester?! Tell me, are you going to do it all?

Times have passed and your age has risen
Esther, come on, we’re waiting! What’s your vision?
I’m sure you’re going to rise above and avoid all the weak diss.
Who knows if perhaps you were made a Queen for just such a time as this?

Experts say that a child growing up in a household where domestic violence took place among their parents WILL have elevations in stress and anxiety, be depressed, enraged, confused and feel guilt. They also say that little girls who witnessed domestic violence will act out in aggressive ways and become sexual, use drugs, and hurt themselves. I am here to say that those experts are not completely right. There is light from a dark past, and there is happiness in every dim situation. “Experts” can try to taint the mind and give you negative feedback, but YOU can defy the statistics. There are outlets of happiness around you everyday. Perhaps you were made a Queen for just such a time as this.