Same Classic Look, New Feel

The Chuck Taylor All Star shoes have been around longer than I have been alive.  It is one of those timeless sneakers that can be seen on anyone in almost any setting.  What started as a basketball shoe, bless those 70s players ankles, the shoe has taken off as a casual fashion shoe.  Almost everyone loves how easy it is to slip on a pair of All Stars and get moving.  The one single gripe that is always expressed with these classic sneakers is that they aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world.  Almost 100 years later, fans of the All Stars can feel like they’re walking on air while still being classically fashionable.

converse, chuck taylor, all star ii, classic, nike, lunalon

As a champion of simplicity, I endorse the All Stars and everything they stand for.  In this day and age, its tough to pick up the Converse over the countless pairs of shoes with cutting edge technology that wrap your feet in pillows while you walk.  Many people were unaware of Nike’s acquisition of the Converse brand in 2003.  I was initially skeptical of Nike’s intentions to change the design to resemble something a bit more modern and do away with what has carried this shoe for the past 98 years.  I give you the Chuck Taylor All Star IIs.

converse, chuck taylor, all star ii, classic, nike, lunarlon

It took them 12 years to even touch it but when they did the All Star II was born.  If you aren’t a super out of this world sneaker head you have probably never even heard of Lunarlon.  Just as Nike Air and Zoom has done before it, Lunarlon is a form of cushioning that is in most new Nike shoes today.  With its lightweight, supportive and plush feel, it leaves your feet feeling great.  It’s no surprise that this is by far the most comfortable i have ever felt in a pair of all stars.  These shoes can now take you from early morning to the wee hours of the night without missing a beat.  Now know all this sounds like welcome news but not so fast.  The $40 price point that has been synonymous with these beauties is no longer on the price tag.  The All Star II’s are available for a cool $75.  I’m sure some will have an issue with this but as the saying  goes, “you get what you pay for!”

Check them out for yourself and tell me what you think.