The mere name Lion Babe represents dichotomy of a hot, ferocious stature along with a young, tender sound.

With musical influences like Sly & Family Stone and Lauryn Hill, this dynamic duo brings rock and soul along with sensuality and incredible stage presence.

[hr gap=”2″] Songbird Jillian Hervey, 26, and multi-faceted musician Lucas Goodman, 27, compose the neo-soul duo, Lion Babe. Daughter of former Miss America, singer, actress Vanessa L. Williams, Jillian Hervey was searching for a dance program in New York City when she meet musician Lucas Goodman at a party.

During the duo’s performance at Afropunk festival, my eyes were immediately drawn to the golden goddess with a tousled blonde mohawk taking center stage as the young man to her left played guitar. In the “Jump Hi” video below you can see Hervey and Goodman showcasing their talents throughout a beautiful NYC autumn.

Goodman and Hervey were merely causal acquaintances less than 5 short years ago; today, Lion Babe has worked with top producers like Pharrell Williams and hip hop artist Childish Gambino.

“Our goal is to just stay in our own lane and grab the people that identify with being in their own lane”
-Jillian Hervey (source)

The Lion Babe sound is transformative. In one song Hervey’s voice resembles a young Erykah Badu providing cosmic sound that makes you feel like you’re levitating in the stratosphere and the next song you will be full on head banging to Goodman’s vibrating fingers on his electric guitar.

Watching a Lion Babe performance proves this duo feeds off each other’s talents and creativity. Hervey’s is an amazing live singer which is a rarity in leading ladies of today. As studied dancer, this front lady is hypnotizing with her seduce arm work and stage crawls; her moves captivate audience members even in the farthest corners of a venue. Goodman in contrast is a smooth operator alternating between his guitar and beat machine. This guy really knows how to use his hands and allows his counterpart to shine while he gives the crowd amazing sounds to carry them into musical euphoria.

Lion Babe write and compose their own music and are killer performers; everyone should see the duo live. Lion Babe will be in Austin, Texas this October for the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Catch up on other Lion Babe videos below. Enjoy the ferocity of Lion Babe.