Back for its second year, the first of its kind festival showcases the city of Austin’s vibrant hip hop community.

Weird City Hip Hop Festival which was launched last year will return September 18-19.

The part showcase, part cultural celebration, two day festival brings in big-name national artist while also allowing local artist to shine. The festival has a number of talented performers involved, including headliners Jay Electronica and Detroit’s oddball Danny Brown. Making a name for its self as the first solely hip hop festival in Austin, Texas is a big deal. Hip hop artist and fans in Austin finally get a stage for themselves to partake in a celebration of music that is just for them. All too often do I find myself at festivals only knowing the headliners and finding some true talent among the sea of other performers. I put together a list of  talented acts who will be performing at Weird City Music Fest so you can jam all weekend long!

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Houston’s own Fat Tony has his own personal pile of Houston Press awards for his dope music. You’ll find songs like “No More,” “Final Destination” and “Sleepover,” songs that don’t sound anything like what we’d expect from a Houston rapper. “Me and my peers are bringing a different thing to the landscape of Houston rap,” says Tony. Featuring music you can simultaneously make you laugh and jam to with his unique lyricism. Rep H-town in ATX with Fat Tony.


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Last year’s winners of the “Band of Year” award at the Austin Music Awards, Riders Against the Storm are among the greatest ambassadors of hip hop Austin has, making them an absolute must see at Weird City. Featuring a sound that’s unabashedly pop-y at points but always fully aware and thoughtful, Riders Against the Storm are successors of sorts to the aesthetic crafted by groups like Blackalicious, both groups proving themselves to be unafraid of hooks but equally unafraid of getting across a message. For RAS, the message is one of community, and the duo’s commitment to fostering that community is visible in their regular Empire Control Room event The Tipping Point, where they feature newcomers and veterans to the scene alike. Never preachy, RAS is simply entertaining and unique.


Magna Carda may be easy to see on a regular basis in Austin, but a the group is swiftly evolving. Now featuring live drums in the mix and live hip hop ensemble, Magna Cards is on the verge of breaking out in a big way. Weird City is the perfect platform for the group to prove themselves not just to the city but to headlining performers. The band’s breezy, uplifting mixture of R&B and hip hop is a surefire party starter, with tracks like “Thas Everything” even coming with built-in throwback dance moves.

Charles Hamilton

Many may not know this but back in 2008 Charles Hamilton was on the track to becoming one of the rappers in contention for, if not the crown. Coming up right alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Wale, and Big Sean. He was so sought after that a bidding war broke out for the young Harlem-bred talent, which led to him signing a reported seven-figure deal with Jimmy Iovine at Interscope Records. Despite his budding success,Hamilton  vanished from the rap scene. Now, three years after he disappearance, the Harlem rapper returned this spring with a contract, singles, and an album on the way. His performance should be nothing less then epic!

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The Weird City Music Festival is definitely something for hip hop fans to get hype about! This festival is oh-so-necessary for the “Live Music Capital.” With over 30 artist performing, anyone is sure to find a new artist that you love. Check out this dope footage from last years Weird City Music Festival and get your ticket to the festival Here.