Lil B The Based God and Chance The Rapper came together to make a compilation of music filled with nothing but freestyles and it is glorious!

Lil b and chance the rapper“Who would’a thunk it”, I thought as I first heard that this tape would be in the works. I didn’t really know what to expect. I love everything Chance the Rapper touches and Lil B, well he is the Based God for goodness sake. But together? I wasn’t sure. After listening to the Free Based Freestyles Mixtape, I am pleasantly surprised. When the freestyle mixtape was initially announced, I just assumed they were using the word “freestyle” loosely like most have done now a days. But in this post “It’s ok to have a ghost-writer as long as the song is good, I guess” Lil b and chance the rapperera, this mixtape is pivotal. This tape affirms my belief in hip hop as a culture. Freestyling is an art almost lost in the world of pop culture and rap integration. It is a cornerstone of hip hop and I am thankful to the Based God. This tape, given to the fans free of charge on SoundCloud via Twitter is exactly what was needed. Lil B even gives his respects to the likes of Mos Def and Jay Electronica, and many other influential hip hop icons.

“This creative chaos showcases both artists talents. This tape consist of 6 rare freestyle’d songs and it does not disappoint” says our fellow bee JP.

The timing is perfect. The tape comes at a time where I, personally, was unsure of where hip hop, or specifically rap was headed. Lil B is the realest, and I never knew. I know, what rock have I been living under right? Chance and Lil B self-proclaimed “number one unsigned artists” have come together for a sort of “declaration of independence” as said on the tape and I am here for it. This is hip hop at its finest. With groovy tunes, catchy melodies, uplifting messages, and superb production, Lil B and Chance the Rapper unite to bring the focus back to where it belongs, the music. We love you Chance and all hail the Based God!Lil b and chance the rapper